Hanoi tightens management of fruits stores in 2020 - 2025 (23:41 04/06/2020)

HNP - Hanoi People’s Committee issued Decision No.2228/QD-UBND on June 1, approving the proposal of enhancing management of fruits stores in Hanoi in the 2020 - 2025 period. 

The objective of the proposal is to enhance efficiency in state management of fruits stores in Hanoi in accordance to the law, as well as enforcing food safety regulation. 
The move aims to protect rights and health of customers, while creating a transparent and healthy business environment. 
Meanwhile, owners of fruit stores are asked to comply with food safety regulation, ranging from production to distribution processes. 
Hanoi would continue to issue certification for fruit stores meeting requirements regarding food safety, as well as civilized streets. 
Moreover, Hanoi would raise customers’ awareness in buying fruits at certified stores and refusing to buy from those selling products with unclear origin and quality. 
In the coming time, the city will tighten cooperation with other provinces/cities to bring diversified types of fruits to Hanoi. 
From 2022 - 2025, Hanoi aims to ensure 100% of fruits stores at 30 districts, wards, and villages to meet requirements for certification of safe fruits stores, while enhancing supervision of fruits distribution in Hanoi regarding the origin, quality and requirements related to food safety. 
To realize these objectives, Hanoi People’s Committee requested the Department of Trade and Industry to continue issuing certification for verified fruits stores; actively supervising and dealing with cases violating food safety regulations.
People’s Committees at various levels are responsible for managing of fruits stores in Hanoi in compliance with regulations; cooperating with related agencies in supervising and managing fruits stores at each locality. 

By Ngoc Lam

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