Increasing effort for environment protection, planning and management (22:43 16/10/2018)

HNP - The Ha Noi Party Committee has recently issued Announcement No. 1565-TB/TU, stating conclusion of the third quarter meeting between standing members of the Municipal Party Committee, the People’s Council, the People’s Committee with leaders of districts, suburban districts and towns.

According to the announcement, in in order to bring into full play the advantages, overcome shortcoming and problems and create further significant changes in the near future, the Party committees and authorities at all levels, Fatherland Front at all levels, social and political organizations of Ha Noi are requested to perform tasks as following.

In terms of environment management and protection:
- Further promote strength of the whole political system and the people to protect the environment; pay attention to improving popularization and increasing effectiveness, so that the enterprises, manufacturing facilities and people have proper awareness and take practical actions to protect the environment as well as natural resources; encourage the people to reduce and step by step stop the use of beehive-shaped coal in daily life, join hand to collect waste, clean up environment in residential areas, and plant trees around their residential areas;

- Take preventive measures in order to protect the environment; improve effectiveness and performance in the field of verifying, approving environmental impact assessment report of projects; increase inspection, examination and supervision of environmental protection; maintain the close, effective cooperation between environmental protection agencies and environmental protection police in the fight against environmental crimes;

- Further increase leadership, speed up the progress of building solid waste treatment plants and waste water treatment plants in urban areas, as well as clean water supply system which received approval in principle for investment according to the schedule; strive to reach the target of providing clean water to 95% to 100% people in rural areas by the end of the tenure; closely manage toxic, industrial waste treatment plants; speed up progress of urban wastewater treatment plants in urban area in order to handle environmental pollution in the To Lich River, the Set River and part of the Nhue River; step by step implement program on collecting and handling waste water in the basin of the Nhue River and the Day River; give priority, and mobilize resources to accelerate progress of building concentrated waste water treatment plants in an effort to handle environmental pollution in the Cau Bay River;

- Build plan, and increase cooperation among sectors and agencies at all levels to finalize a plan soon and move 113 facilities causing environmental pollution out of urban area; increase inspection and examination, and handle environmental violations of construction works, production and trading facilities, industrial zones and clusters, handicraft clusters; take drastic measures to withdraw licenses of the facilities that have serious violation or repeated violations.

In terms of planning, planning management and construction order:
- Increase leadership of party committees and governments at all levels in the field of planning, planning management and construction order; enhance popularization, improve sense of law compliance of the people and enterprises in terms of planning, construction, land, natural resources and environment; create favorable conditions for people and enterprises to run their business; issue license for the works which serve livelihood according to the law;

- Promote the responsibilities of specialized agencies, as well as feedback and participation of managers, scientists and people from all walks of life in the important projects which are related to appearance and sustainable development of Ha Noi; ensure transparency and publicity in the field of planning, create favorable conditions for the people to take part in the process of supervision and managing the planning; make, verify and approve planning in a proper and strict manner according to legal  regulations. The planning must be forecastable, feasible and sustainable in the future; amendment of the planning must be minimized. Providing information of the planning must be in association with issuance of construction license, thus creating favorable condition to closely manage urban construction order;

- Further speed up progress to make, verify and approve zoning planning and general planning soon. During the process of completing the zoning projects, it is required to review, update and realize issues related to the planning of bus stations, public parking areas, public recreational places and parks; realize urban design, and embellish the roadsides in a modern way according to current situation;

- Make planning in the near future, suggest policies and mechanisms to renovate, re-build old apartments soon; review,  revise and supplement specific planning schemes, programs and projects in terms of urban traffic, as well as planning on water supply and  drainage; urge authorities of districts and towns to increase examination and tighten control in the area, and detect violation as soon as they occur; increase effort to promptly handle the infractions of planning, construction order, public land and agricultural land timely and thoroughly; take preventive measures comprehensively to stop construction of the buildings that violate construction order regulations; take measures to prevent the circumstance, in which decision on penalty is issued yet investors do not comply; focus on handling unresolved violations of planning and construction order in the city; report problems to city’s authorities, so that they will be processed properly;

- Closely cooperate with ministries as well as agencies, sectors of the Central Government in order to propose specific mechanisms and policies of investment, construction, land and site clearance, urban development, urban infrastructure, thus maintain unity and consistency when proposing important, urgent projects of the city to the Government;

- Strengthen the apparatus, increase the number of officials specializing in construction, planning and architecture, who will take responsibility of managing planning and construction order in the People’s Committees of districts, suburban districts and towns; build staff training programs and plans to improve capacity of the officers in charge of planning and construction order management; increase sense of responsibility of the officers in charge of planning and urban construction order management; timely recognize and praise the collectives and individuals with excellent performance in work.

By Mai Phuong

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