Increasing operational measures to realize finance and state budget tasks (21:52 12/09/2018)

HNP - The Ha Noi People’s Committee issued Document No. 4134/UBND-KT dated September 6 on enhancing implementation of measures to realize finance and state budget tasks in the last months of 2018.

Accordingly, agencies and units at all levels of Ha Noi shall take following actions:

- Closely cooperate with tax and customs authorities, increase management, prevent loss of budget, fight smuggling and commercial fraud; increase effort to handle and collect tax debt, so that tax debt will make up below 5% of state budget revenues; focus on reviewing, and follow up with the tax debt situation; classify the debts capable/ incapable of being collected, and prepare measures to handle them thoroughly and promptly;

- Realize financial policies, conclusions and requests of audit and inspection agencies; strive to reach or even goes beyond target of state budget revenue estimates for 2018 which are given by competent authority;

- Further enhance administration reform, handle problems related to business conditions, land and market, and create favorable conditions for enterprises to take part in production and business activities. If problem is beyond their authority, the agencies shall report to competent authorities for further consideration according to regulation.

Financial agencies at all levels shall collaborate with related agencies to act as advisor to the Ha Noi People’s Committee and People’s Committees of districts and towns in state budget management according to regulation, ensure close management, saving and efficiency; tighten control over state budget expenses, especially expenses for meeting, festival, public purchase and oversea business trips; review policies and mechanisms on social welfares, in particular expenses for human, to ensure that they are given to appropriate beneficiaries, timely and properly. If there is temporal shortage of state budget fund at all levels during the operation process, People’s Committees of districts and towns shall report to the Ha Noi People’s Committee for further consideration and processing according to the regulation.

Regarding equitization of state-owned enterprises, the Department of Finance in collaboration with Authority of Plan and Investment and related units shall act as advisor to the Municipal People’s Committee, increase effort to realize the project on re-structuring state-owned enterprises in the 2016-2020 period, and speed up the progress of equitization and capital withdrawal. The Department of Natural Resources and Environment in cooperation with related agencies shall act as advisor to competent authority in approving land use planning during the process of equitization of state-owned enterprises.

City’s agencies, sectors, People’s Committees of districts and towns shall strictly realize instruction of the Ha Noi People’s Committee on implementation and disbursement of 2018 public investment plan. Furthermore, the Authority of Plan and Investment shall collaborate with related agencies and units to take measures, speed up progress of implementation and capital disbursement, and increase efficiency of public investment capital in 2018 for further economic growth.

The agencies, sectors, districts and towns shall speed up progress of launching financial autonomy policy in public service delivery units, while accelerate the estimation of service fee. If a problem affects implementation progress, the units shall cooperate with each other to solve it or report to the Municipal People’s Committee.

By Mai Phuong

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