Hanoi aims at higher ranking in PAR and SIPAS indexes (18:08 16/11/2019)

HNP - Hanoi People’s Committee issued No.4925/UBND-NC requesting related departments and people’s committees at district-, commune-, and hamlet-levels to contribute efforts in maintaining Hanoi’s ranking of Public Administration Reform (PAR) Index and improving its ranking at the Satisfaction Index of Public Administration Services (SIPAS) in 2019. 

The municipal People’s Committee requested related agencies to propose measures addressing pending shortcomings, ensuring the achievement of tasks assigned by the city. 
To improve Hanoi’s SIPAS ranking, Hanoi requested agencies to strictly follow regulations on receiving and dealing with recommendations and complaints, while timely informing individuals and organizations about the result of the process; executing Prime Minister’s instruction on the codes of working ethic of public servants and regulations of Hanoi People’s Committee on implementing the national one stop shop mechanism in handling administrative procedures and codes of working ethics.
Since October 2019, the Ministry of Home Affairs conducted a survey to identify Hanoi’s SIPAS Index in 2019. Hanoi People’s Committee requested directors at departments, chairmen of people’s committees at district-, commune- and hamlet-levels selected in the survey to follow the activities of the Ministry. Directors at departments and chairman of respective people’s committees are responsible with the results of these indexes. 
To improve a certain criteria, particularly sub-criteria with low scores in the PAR Index 2018, Hanoi People’s Committee requested the Office of the Hanoi People’s Committee to follow and urge related agencies to receive and process recommendations and complaints of individuals and organizations regarding administrative regulations in a timely manner; monitoring and urging each unit to implement tasks given by central government and cities in fulfilling designated tasks as required. 
Hanoi’s Department of Home Affairs is responsible for reviewing and arranging the organization towards greater efficiency and checking the on the disciplines of public servants at works. 
The Department of Finance is tasked with submitting to Hanoi People’s Committee solutions to ensure annual state budget revenue collection reaching or even exceeding the target set by the government. 
The Department of Information and Communications is asked to submit to Hanoi People’s Committee the framework of e-government subject to be implement in the city; strictly follow the regulation on periodical report in IT applications, as well as raising awareness among the public on Hanoi’s public online services. 
The Department of Planning and Investment to submit to Hanoi People’s Committee breakthrough solutions to increase the number of newly established enterprises in 2019. 
People’s Committees at district-, commune- and hamlet-levels to ensure working staffs meeting qualification requirements for certain positions.

By Ngoc Lam

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