Hanoi steps up measures to stop businesses related to firecrackers in Tet Festival (10:20 08/11/2019)

HNP - Hanoi People’s Committee issued Instruction No.16 on November 1, stepping up measures to prevent production, transportation, selling, storing and using firecrackers in Hanoi during the upcoming Tet festival. 

Following the instruction, Hanoi Police Department is tasked with drafting plan to prevent and stop the production, importing, selling, buying, transporting and using firecrackers of all types; efficiently managing the production, trading, selling, buying, transporting and storing firecrackers in Hanoi; instructing polices at districts, communes and hamlets in Hanoi to closely cooperate with departments and government agencies in monitoring, investigating and capturing violations related to using firecrackers, contributing to security and public order. 
Hanoi People’s Committee requested all law enforcement units to mobilize the maximum personnel before, during and after the Tet festival to closely monitor the areas and timely punish any act of violation in storing weapons, firecrackers, especially during the three days of Tet festival. 
Moreover, the Police Department is tasked with ensuring safety at tourist  spots and other public areas during the Tet festival. 
The Hanoi Capital High Command of the People’s Army of Vietnam is asked to closely cooperate with related agencies in managing the selling, buying, transporting, storing and using fireworks and firecrackers; organizing the firing of fireworks in Tet festival and major holidays in Hanoi safely. 
Hanoi Market Management Department is assigned to instruct districts and communes in encouraging individuals and organizations to sign commitments of not producing, selling, transporting, and storing firecrackers; at the same time cooperating with media in promoting regulations in managing and using firecrackers; working with the police in enhancing the management, control and prevention of illegal production, sale, transportation, storage and imports of firecrackers. 
The Department of Training and Education is requested to instruct management boards of schools to promote staffs, students, and teachers in strictly following regulations and laws on management and using firecracker. 
The Justice Department, Department of Information and Communications: cooperating with related agencies in promoting and raising awareness among the public in preventing illegal use of firecrackers.
The Department of Finance: ensuring adequate funds to serve the management and using firecrackers under the law. 
All People’s Committee in districts, communes and hamlets: stepping up effort in finding and preventing the production, selling, transporting and using firecrackers illegally, promoting and raising awareness among the public in managing and using firecrackers.
Hanoi Police Department to report to the Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee on the result and performance of this Instruction. Any district or commune having cases of using firecrackers in the Tet festival is subject to disciplinary measures before the Chairman. 

By Ngoc Lam

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