Hanoi and Bac Lieu seeks greater cooperation (22:36 05/10/2019)

HNP - Hanoi’s Party Committee issued announcement No. 2230-TB/TU summarizing key points in a meeting between Party Committees of Hanoi and Bac Lieu on September 27, 

Under the announcement, both localities strive to boost cooperation by utilizing efficiently their respective advantages and strengths, particularly those that could complement each other to fulfill or even exceed targets set in the 2015 - 2020 period of each party committee. 
Hanoi and Bac Lieu are expected to share and exchange experiences in Party building, aiming to maintain transparent, strong, streamlined and efficient political system in each city. 
Additionally, Hanoi and Bac Lieu would cooperate closely in organizing investment promotion activities, sharing experiences on drafting policies attracting foreign investments; supporting each other in planning, creating conditions for enterprises from each province looking for investment opportunities in respective areas. At the same time, the two localities agreed to promote and expand the market of domestic and foreign tourists; creating  a strong linkage in developing tourism products and tours, particularly tours to craft villages, spiritual and leisure tourism.
Regarding industrial and trade activities, both provinces target improvements in information exchange in state management in industrial and trading activities; cooperating in holding trade promotion activities, exhibition fairs, supply - demand conferences; boosting cooperation in developing model of agricultural production, goods, services and cooperative economy; exchanging and learning experiences in biotechnology transfer, applying technologies in production and distribution of agricultural products and fisheries; exchange information and experience in implementing models of promoting agricultural production and production chain; sharing experience in developing modernized farming, transforming the agricultural structure of production towards sustainable development. 
Moreover, Hanoi and Bac Lieu also discussed experiences in management, organizing educational activities and training at provincial, commune and district levels; boosting cooperation in training human resources; developing schools and universities reaching national standards. 

By Ngoc Lam

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