Ha Noi to build plan on socio-economic development and state budget estimate of 2019 (21:28 18/07/2018)

HNP - The Ha Noi People’s Committee has recently issued Directive No. 08/CT-UBND on building socio-economic development and state budget estimate of 2019.

According to the directive, the plan on socio-economic development and state budget estimate of 2019 must review implementation of Action Program No. 34/CTr-UBND dated August 28, 2018 of the Municipal People’s Committee, as well as implementation of plan on socio-economic development and state budget estimate of 2018.

The plan and budget estimate of 2019 must be implemented comprehensively and consistently, with close cooperation among agencies, departments and units. Transparency, publicity, fair and efficiency must be maintained; responsibility for explanation in plan making and resources allocation must be increased.

For state budget collection estimate of 2019: tax agency and customs agency in collaboration with finance agencies , plan and investment agencies, People’s Committees of districts and towns as well as related agencies of Ha Noi shall strictly follow regulation on making estimate of state budget revenues; review and make the estimates practically, record all new revenues in order to calculate revenues accurately and sufficiently; set ordinance and targets of revenue collection of the National Assembly and the Government as basis for direction, operation and implementation of state budget collection.

For estimate of state budget collection expense of 2019: according to local budget revenues, allocation of revenues according to resolution of the Ha Noi People’s Council, target of the five-year socio-economic development plan as well as socio-economic development target of 2019, implementation of budget revenue and expense tasks in localities in 2017 and estimates of 2018, detailed estimates of local budget expenses in sectors shall be built in conformity with Law on State Budget 2015. Sufficient fund shall be provided to committed projects and tasks as stipulated by the policies.

City’s agencies, departments, unions, People’s Committees of districts and towns shall further increase effort for thrift practice and wastefulness prevention, ensure transparency once tasks are determined, proactively arrange revenue and expense tasks according to necessity, importance and feasibility in 2019, and classify expense tasks into groups for operation and reducing expenses if necessary. New policies, tasks and projects shall be submitted to competent authorities to ask for approval if they are truly necessary and the resources can be balanced.

The agencies, departments, districts and towns are in charge of estimating capitals to realize policies, mechanisms, and balancing resources to avoid the lack of financing when implementing the tasks, policies and mechanisms as well as new tasks assigned by the competent authorities.

For regular expenses, the agencies, departments, districts and towns shall build estimates for regular expenses according to sectors, ensure the proper norm and allocation, and comply with important political tasks as well as policies and mechanisms of the State, agencies, departments shall speed up progress of realizing mechanism of market prices with regulation of the State for key public services like healthcare, university education and vocational training.

For target programs and national target programs, the target programs and national target programs shall be implemented and receive funds according to decision of competent authorities and guidance of the Ministry of Plan and Investment and the Ministry of Finance, tasks of 2019 as well as city’s capacity to balance budget. According to tasks given in decisions on approving target programs and national target programs, agencies in charge of managing the programs shall cooperate with Authority of Plan and Investment, Department of Finance and agencies in charge of program implementation to make report, submit to the Municipal People’s Committee, and submit to the Ministry of Plan and Investment, the  Ministry of Finance as well as responsible agencies.

For the target programs of Ha Noi, agencies responsible for the programs shall review progress of implementation in 2018, suggest expenses and plans on capital allocation for the program in 2019. The capital allocation plan shall be made according to approved fund for the programs in 2016-2020 period, allocated fund in the 2016-2018 period and tasks of 2019.

By Mai Phuong



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