Hanoi seeks to educate against smoking (14:40 17/03/2023)

HNP - On March 10, Deputy Chairman of the Hanoi Municipal People's Committee Le Hong Son signed and promulgated Plan No. 80/KH-UBND on the Prevention and Control of Tobacco Harm in Hanoi in 2023-2024.

The plan aims to raise awareness of the harms of tobacco use and to create a smoke-free environment in the capital. It has three specific goals: to raise people's awareness of the harmful effects of tobacco, to strengthen capacity for tobacco harm prevention and control, and to strengthen inspection and supervision of tobacco control laws. To achieve these goals, the City People's Committee has assigned tasks to various departments, agencies and socio-political organizations.

The Hanoi Department of Health will coordinate with other departments and localities to prevent and control tobacco harm in the city. The department will also enforce regulations prohibiting smoking in hospitals and schools, and promote the "No Smoking in Hospital" movement in the health sector. The relevant departments and branches are required to coordinate and conduct inspection, supervision and enforcement of regulations related to smoking bans in places covered by the Law on the Prevention and Control of Tobacco Harm. The People's Committees of counties, cities and towns are responsible for regulating smoking in offices and workplaces under their jurisdiction.

They are also tasked with establishing "smoke-free restaurants and hotels" and "smoke-free tourist attractions" in the area. In addition, these committees are expected to mobilize departments, agencies and mass organizations to actively discourage smoking and drug use in any form. A team of propagandists will be appointed to promote and encourage people not to use tobacco products in residential communities, festivals, weddings, funerals, family gatherings, etc. The "No Smoking" criteria will be included in the recognition criteria for "Cultural Family," "Cultural Village," and "Cultural Residential Area.

By Hai Nam

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