Hanoi changes travel permit requirements during the social distancing period (22:01 11/08/2021)

HNP - The Hanoi People’s Committee on August 10 issued Official Letter No. 577/TB-UBND on carrying out the municipal authorities’ guidelines stated in Document No. 2562/UBND-KT signed on August 7.

Accordingly, the municipal People’s Committee released Document 2562/UBND-KT on August 7 on tightening the issuance and use of travel permits during the social distancing period so as to timely detect COVID-19 infected cases and isolate them from the community. 
Under the document, the municipal People's Committee requested local residents to have a travel certificate in the form issued with Official Letter No. 2434/UBND-KT dated July 29, 2021 by the municipal People's Committee to be allowed to travel during social distancing, along with a citizen identification or identity card, work schedule and job assignment documents granted to them by their agencies or the units they are working for.
However, based on feedback from citizens and businesses, the municipal People’s Committee issued Official Letter No. 577/TB-UBND on the issuance of travel permits during the social distancing restrictions. 
Under the latest document, the commuters are required to show only ID card or passport and travel permits as regulated.
The travel permits will be issued by employers who must take responsibility for ensuring COVID prevention and control measures at work.
In order to monitor the people’s observance of social distancing rules, the municipal People’s Committee asked businesses and production facilities to make a list of employees traveling between the home and workplace every day, compile a working plan and send them to the ward-level people’s committees for approval. Commuters do not have to show those documents at the COVID checkpoints.
The document approval process must be performed online via email or post office by the ward people’s committees in a quick and convenient manner to avoid overcrowding at the committees’ offices.
The People’s Committees of wards and communes are requested not to ask for extra procedures or documents, causing difficulties for commuters and organizations. If  any obstacle arises during the process, the authorities must report to the municipal People’s Committee for consideration and settlement.

By Tran Huong

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