Hanoi focuses on efficient implementation of action month on gender equality in 2019 (07:08 28/09/2019)

HNP - Hanoi People’s Committee issued plan No.214/KH-UBND on September 24, providing guidance on the implementation of the action month on gender equality and domestic violence prevention in the capital in 2019. 

The action month, titled “Putting an end to violence against women and children”, is scheduled to last from November 15 to December 15. The action month is a highlight of Hanoi’s efforts for greater gender equality in 2019. During this period, there would be a media campaign on events promoting gender equality and domestic violence prevention in Hanoi. 
With such title, Hanoi People’s Committee requested all departments, organizations and people’s committee at district and commune levels to join the movement; promoting the title of the action month, its messages and events in correspondence to the action month in public media in Hanoi; reporting the events through websites, online newspapers and social networks. 
Additionally, Hanoi would hold conferences, debates and training about topics related to the action month;  identifying challenges and shortcomings, from which recommendations are given to the process of drafting policies, programs and project on preventing and tackling violence against children and women; holding competition on legal understandings, promoters of the action month; cultural exchanges, sport events, among others, which are in line with topics of the action month; holding meetings and commendation events of outstanding individuals in efforts towards achieving gender equality and preventing violence against women and children in general, and the implementation of the action plan in 2019 in particular. 
The tasks also include:
Making and disseminating media products on gender equality and preventing violations, sexual abuse to children and women, particularly those provided directly to communities. 
Promoting the mobilization of resources required for the implementation of the action month, as well as socialization of PR activities and supporting victims facing violence, sexual abuse, or victims of human traffic, as well as women and children with hardship, among others. 
Enhancing supervision efforts of inter-agencies regarding gender equality, focusing on the progress of women at organizations, departments and provinces during the action month, while strictly punish those violating regulations and laws.
To fulfill these targets, Hanoi People’s Committee requested 100% of departments, unions and people’s committees at all levels to set up plan for holding responding events during the action month; holding practical and efficient events during the action month, cooperating with other events to have greater effects in society; focusing on organizing activities in communities and remote areas. 

By Ngoc Lam

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