Hanoi ensures timely respond to pandemic prevention and control (18:05 04/01/2023)

HNP - On December 30, the Hanoi People's Committee issued Plan No. 346/KH-UBND on pandemic prevention and control of Hanoi in 2023.  

The plan states that 100% of People's Committees at all levels from cities to communes, wards and townships develop and implement disease prevention and control plans against the Covid-19 pandemic close to the actual situation of their localities; arrange ready forces on the spot according to local pandemic levels.

Along with that, 100% of medical staff in the public health are expected to monitor and handle emergency treatment of diseases; participate in and support pandemic prevention and control from the city to the grassroots level; all related staff are trained to master knowledge and skills on disease prevention and control; 100% of people infected with Covid-19 with severe and critical development are treated and cared for according to regulations.

The city also organizes monitoring for early detection, investigation, timely handling, and readiness to effectively respond to emerging, re-emerging and invasive diseases in order to minimize the morbidity and rates of death, avoiding economic, cultural and social losses; monitoring the change of the SARS-CoV-2 virus to ensure flexibility in accordance with practical conditions under the guidance of the Ministry of Health; increase the rate of vaccination against Covid-19 vaccine, ensure that children from 5 to under 18 years old and people over 18 years old receive basic and booster shots according to the instructions and vaccine allocation of the Ministry of Health; injections for other groups of subjects when directed by the Ministry of Health; reduce the death rate from Covid-19 per 1 million people to the lowest level according to the target of the Ministry of Health (lower than the Asian average in 2022).

The city will improve the capacity of laboratories at all levels, strengthen testing for pathogens, and ensure that suspected cases of infectious diseases are tested according to regulations of the Ministry of Health; strengthen communication on infectious disease prevention and control, ensuring that people are fully, accurately and timely informed in order to raise awareness and change behavior on health protection.

By Hai Nam

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