Hanoi tightens management of conditional, sensitive business activities (10:34 15/08/2022)

HNP - On August 11, Vice Chairman of the Hanoi People's Committee Chu Xuan Dung signed  Plan No. 216/KH-UBND on strengthening the management, prevention and fight against crimes of trafficking, organization and harboring illegal drug use at business establishments and services of sensitive conditions in terms of social security; as well as  handling of violations related to funky balls in Hanoi.  

Hanoi would plan to raise public awareness about the law on drug prevention and control; harmful effects of drugs and funky balls, in order to create a strong change in the awareness of all classes of people, contributing to effectively serving the work of ensuring social order and safety in the capital; strengthen coordination between departments and sectors in preventing, fighting and handling related violations at conditional business establishments and sensitive services in terms of security, order and business, especially the  use of N2O gas; focus on tackling crime organizations engaging in smuggling, producing, transporting and trading N2O gas used for entertainment, trading, transporting and storing of narcotics; promptly handle strictly according to the provisions of law.

The city requires the Police, Market Management, Customs, Health Inspectors and others, are tasked with grasping the situation and conduct coducting investigations on the subjects related to the activities of smuggling, manufacturing, trading, organizing the use of "funky balls" and acts of transporting, buying, selling, organizing, harboring and using illegal drugs in the city.

The authorities are expected to have effective measures in preventing and detecting crimes and violations; strengthen the state management in the field of import, export, production, business and trading of N2O gas, services and accommodation types of coffee, hotel, bar, karaoke, homestay, proactively detect and address loopholes, preventing criminals from taking advantage of business, trading in N2O or organize illegal use of narcotics; propose to strictly handle establishments and establishment owners who commit legal violations.

By Hai Nam

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