Increasing state management in the field of child protection and care as requested by Section for Culture and Social Affairs (16:47 30/07/2018)

HNP - The Ha Noi People’s Committee issued Official Letter No. 3364/UBND-KGVX dated July 24 on increasing state management in the field of child protection and care according to request of the Section for Culture and Social Affairs under Municipal People’s Council.

Accordingly, the Ha Noi Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs shall cooperate with People’s Committees of districts and towns to conduct regular inspection, sum up information, grasp the data of children in general and children facing risk of falling into special circumstances in particular; further enhancing and strengthening the cadre of child care and protection officers at all levels, especially at the grassroots level; open training classes on child care and protection for officers and collaborators in charge of child care and protection; cooperate with related agencies, sectors and unions as well as People’s Committees of district level to strengthen and maintain protection services for children as victims of violence and sexual abuse, meet demand of intervention and assistance for children who suffer from violence or sexual assault in emergency cases; receive and process information, and handle cases of violence and child abuse.

The Department of Education and Training shall give instruction, and guide the schools and educational establishments to further enhance popularization, education and dissemination of knowledge on child sexual abuse and violence prevention and control through extracurricular activities for students; enhance education of life skills for students in order to prevent the risks of violence, abuse and injury in schools; increase management, inspection and examination of compliance with legal regulations in schools, especially kindergartens and nurseries; promptly handle, prevent and stop abuse and violence against the children; propose measures to strictly handle violations of law on child protection, care and education; develop a safe, healthy and child-friendly educational environment.

The Department of Culture and Sports shall coordinate with departments and localities to organize cultural, recreational and entertainment activities for all children; popularize and implement plan on opening swimming classes in districts, suburban districts and towns, striving to popularize swimming and injury prevention; organize cultural, recreational, physical training and sport activities as well as childcare activities in order to create favorable conditions for children to develop physically and mentally; continue effort for domestic prevention and control to protect children; make statistics of recreation and entertainment facilities for children, and suggest construction of playgrounds for children;  increase the inspection, examination and tighten control over the publication of cultural product, and organize cultural activities to guarantee an access to a healthy culture environment for the children.

The Ha Noi Police Department shall give instruction for population management in the area, especially groups of children prone to abuse and violence, such as children involved in labor, migrant children and children  from divorced families; intensify in-depth popularization in the communities, families and schools to prevent, detect and fight the acts of child abuse; raise awareness of the people on preventing and combating child sexual abuse in the community; review and thoroughly handle cases of violence against children and child abuse; take initiative in verifying, following up with the situation and activities of child sexual abuse crimes; prepare plans to prevent, stop and tightly control the number of delinquent youths, young people with criminal records, and criminal gangs in the area who are prone to causing sexual abuse crime.

The People’s Committees of districts, suburban districts and towns shall increase leadership, instruction and enhance responsibility of the Party committees, governments at all levels, authorities, departments, unions and families for child care, protection and education, and consider it as regular task of the entire political system, especially heads of the Party committees, agencies and units; add targets of child protection to the five-year and annual socio-economic development plans of localities; take measures of prevention and intervention, and support children in special circumstances and children at risk of falling into special circumstances; prevent child sexual abuse, child labor abuse, child trafficking and violence against children; increase activities for injury prevention and control, drowning prevention and control in children; minimize negative impact of the digital world on the development of children; allocate land fund, invest in building cultural and sport institutions, such as swimming pools, amusement parks, parks and flower gardens in communes, wards and schools; create conditions for children to realize their basic rights; allocate sufficient cost norms for protection, care and education of children in the area according to Resolution No. 13/2016/NQ-HDND dated December 05, 2016 of the Municipal People’s Council; mobilize resources from organizations, enterprises, sponsors and the community for child protection, care and education.

By Mai Phuong

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