Realize Four On-site motto to handle political security and social order problems (21:34 08/08/2018)

HNP - The Office of Ha Noi People’s Committee issued Announcement No.  235/TB-VP dated August 3, 2018, stating conclusion of Vice Chairman of Municipal People’s Committee Le Hong Son at the meeting to preliminarily review performance of the Ha Noi Steering Committee 138 (138/TP) in the first half and key tasks in the second half of 2018.

Accordingly, the Municipal People’s Committee requests heads of city’s agencies, departments and sectors, Chairpeople of People’s Committees of the districts, suburb districts and towns to take following actions:

- Further popularize and strictly realize directives, resolutions, programs and plans of the National Assembly, Government, Steering Committee 138 of the Government, the Ha Noi Party Committee, the People’s Council and the People’s Committee in developing movement on maintaining national security and order, preventing and controlling  drug, prostitution, crimes and HIV/AIDS; during the implementation process, the authorities must detail tasks, responsible persons, responsibilities, and ensure consistency and smooth process in cooperation and operation;

- Further enhance popularization and education of law, increase awareness of complying with the law, preventing and fighting social problems and crimes; highlight the task of  social problem and crime prevention as responsibility of each individual, organization and unit in the society, and prevent the neglect and listless attitude ; timely honor good people with good deeds, and criticize violations of the laws and willful disregard of the disciplines and laws;

- Pay attention and take preventive measures at the grassroots level: analyze and forecast the situation, give advice and suggest measures according to the analysis and forecast to deal with complicated problems, and prevent creation of  black spots of security and order; further promote the role of leaders of residential groups, communes, hamlets, civil defense forces, guards of offices and enterprises in grasping the information, following up with the situation and handle problems right at the grassroots level and prevent establishment of black spots.

The Ha Noi Police Department shall increase leadership for the fight, extend and speed up progress of investigation, especially serious cases of economy and corruption under leadership of the Municipal Party Committee; conduct professional and legal training sessions, and suggest policies and mechanisms for police officers in communes, guards of residential groups and civil defense forces; act as advisor to the Ha Noi Steering Committee in organizing training and workshops to increase capacity of volunteers of social welfare teams and responsible officers of standing agencies under the Steering Committees at all levels in terms of drug, prostitution, crime and HIV/AIDS prevention and control.

The Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs shall review all processes, policies and regulations, and severely punish officers who violate the regulations; act as advisor to the Ha Noi Party Committee, People’s Committee in establishing inter-disciplinary inspection missions to check drug rehabilitation centers, review all regulations and policies of the centers, point out their problems and shortcomings, suggest supplement and prevent malpractices which might lead to security and order problems.

The Department of Health shall consider and suggest measures to extend HIV testing labs in important suburb districts, thus guaranteeing that HIV cases are detected and treatment is provided timely; suggest solutions, and take management measures to detect mental illness and depression cases in the community, prevent legal violations caused by people with mental illness and depression; manage and control import, distribution and trading of western medicines that contain psychotropic substances, drug precursors and narcotic substances.

For complicated cases, the Department of Information and Communications shall give orientation for press agencies to provide information, so that reactionary forces in Viet Nam and abroad cannot take advantage to  provoke complaints, marches, demonstrations, sabotage and actions that cause security disorder; suggest punishment, or request authorities to punish the individuals, organizations and press agencies that provide wrong and false information.

The Steering Committees 138 of districts, suburban districts and towns shall deal with disputes among the people, especially problems in terms of land management and use, prevent complicated and prolonged complaints or establishments of ‘black spots’ in terms of security and order; allocate fund properly to prevent and fight the crimes, drugs, prostitution and HIV/AIDS and to develop the movement All People Join Hands for Maintaining National Security and Order in localities; closely supervise situation in the areas under their management, realize the Four On-site motto to deal with problems of political security and social order in the area; review, check and increase management of high-rise apartments, luxury urban areas and abandoned projects, and deter further crimes.

By Mai Phuong



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