Hanoi mayor to hold dialogue with the youth (19:54 15/03/2023)

HNP - On March 13, the Hanoi People's Committee issued Plan No. 87/KH-UBND to hold a dialogue conference between the Chairman of the Hanoi City People's Committee and the youth of Hanoi in 2023.

The Hanoi People's Committee has planned to organize a dialogue conference in May 2023. The purpose of the conference is to collect information, suggestions and recommendations from young people in order to identify and solve shortcomings, limitations, difficulties and problems related to their legitimate rights and interests. The conference also aims to disseminate guidelines and policies on youth support and development in Hanoi.

It is expected that the Chairman of the City People's Committee or the Deputy Chairman will preside over the conference, which will focus on "Youth in Hanoi City engage in innovative startups and digital transformation". The dialogue conference will cover topics such as the development and implementation of policies, the activities of agencies and organizations related to youth, the roles and responsibilities of young people, and their recommendations and proposals.

The Hanoi People's Committee has tasked the Department of Home Affairs with overseeing and collaborating with the Hanoi Youth Union, the Office of the City People's Committee, and other relevant organizations to execute the plan for the dialogue conference. This involves creating the content, script, and program for the conference, as well as gathering and synthesizing recommendations and proposals from youth and youth organizations.

They will also prepare the Chairman of the City People's Committee's concluding remarks, and report on the results of settling youth petitions to the City People's Committee and the Ministry of Home Affairs in accordance with regulations. The Ho Chi Minh City Communist Youth Union is responsible for selecting and convening youth delegates to the conference and working with other departments, agencies, and sectors to review and synthesize young people's needs, aspirations, recommendations, and suggestions. They will then group the issues and send them to the Department of Home Affairs to report to the City People's Committee for the Dialogue Conference. Each department and branch of the city has a designated role to fully prepare documents and content and respond to comments and recommendations from young people through the Department of Home Affairs. They will also participate in the dialogue program to exchange and answer suggestions and proposals from young people at the conference.

By Hai Nam

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