Hanoi provides legal aid for ethnic minorities (14:48 21/03/2023)

HNP - On March 15, the Hanoi People's Committee issued Plan No. 89/KH-UBND to implement the legal aid components of the National Target Program for Socio-Economic Development in the city's ethnic minority and mountainous areas from 2023-2025.

The city has a plan to conduct 20-25 direct communication sessions on legal aid and law dissemination for ethnic minority and mountain people every year. In addition, it will also hold 3-5 training sessions every year to improve the skills of public servants in providing legal aid in civil, criminal and administrative fields to ethnic minority and mountain people.
In addition, the Municipality will hold 3-5 training sessions annually to improve the coordination of legal aid information in ethnic minority and mountainous areas. These sessions will also provide training on how to access legal aid for ethnic minority and mountainous areas. The goal is to promote legal aid knowledge among village elders, village heads, respected community members, and grassroots officials in these areas. They will be equipped with the skills to explain legal aid to the people and refer those eligible for legal aid to the State Legal Aid Center and other legal aid agencies. In doing so, they will serve as a bridge between people and the State Legal Aid Center and its branches when they face legal problems.
The city will hold 3-5 legal aid seminars and community liaison offices for legal aid providers and officials from relevant agencies. In addition, it will organize 3-5 seminars on legal aid points for grassroots officials, village elders, village leaders, and respected community members in ethnic minority and mountainous areas.

Furthermore, the City will compile and provide communication materials on legal aid policies for ethnic minorities while simultaneously monitoring, guiding, and inspecting the implementation of legal aid content for the national goals of socio-economic development in ethnic minority and mountainous areas between 2023-2025. Through these activities, the City aims to effectively carry out legal aid activities, improve the capacity of legal aid providers, and enhance the quality of legal aid cases, especially for ethnic minorities and mountainous people in the city. The objective is to ensure that people in ethnic minority and mountainous areas have fair access to justice, create point models to help people access and enjoy quality legal aid promptly, and protect their legitimate rights and interests when facing legal problems or disputes.

By Hai Nam

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