Hanoi identifies major tasks in economic restructuring (14:34 01/07/2022)

HNP - On June 27, the Hanoi People's Committee issued Plan No.174/KH-UBND on the implementation of the Government's Action Program  under the National Assembly's Resolution on the plan to restructure the economy.  

The plan states the general and specific goals for implementing the Government's Action Plan under the National Assembly's Resolution on the plan to restructure the economy. As such, Hanoi will continue to innovate its growth model; effectively bring into play potentials and strengths; effectively manage, exploit and use resources, take advantage of the achievements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in association with science, technology and innovation in order to restructure, improve productivity, quality and competitiveness of the economy, creating a driving force for the rapid and sustainable economic development of the capital.

Regarding specific goals, the city strives to expand the GRDP by 7.5-8%; structure of economic sectors: services 65-65.5%, industry - construction 22.5-23%, agriculture, forestry and fishery 1.4-1.6%; labor productivity growth rate 7-7.5%; the share of the digital economy in GRDP is about 30%; enterprises with innovative activities reaching over 50%,

The city also strives for the rate of high-tech agricultural products to reach over 70% of the total. Trim off at least 20% of organizations inside administrative agencies and public non-business units compared to 2015. The bad debt ratio of credit institutions is set at less than 3%. The number of cooperatives established and operating is about 2,500 cooperatives.

The plan also states 5 groups of tasks and key solutions to accomplish the above targets, in which, the city would focus on completing the objectives of restructuring public investment, the state budget, the system of credit institutions and public non-business units; develop different types of markets, improve the efficiency of resource allocation and use.

The city will also focus on developing the business community; promoting the connection of businesses of all economic sectors as well as innovation and economic development of collectives and cooperatives; strengthening regional linkages, urban-rural linkages; bringing into play the role of key economic regions and big cities; restructuring economic sectors towards modernity, developing a green and sustainable economy and maximize potentials and advantages.

The Hanoi People's Committee assigned all local units, districts and wards to ensure the effective implementation of this plan, especially solutions and tasks according to their respective functions, tasks and fields to complete the assignments.

By Hai Nam

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