Hanoi, Dong Nai seek further cooperation (21:31 24/10/2019)

HNP - The Hanoi Party Committee issued Announcement No. 2265-TB/TU on October 22, stating conclusions at the conference jointly held by Standing Commissions of Party Committees of Hanoi City and Dong Nai Province. 

With the spirit “Hanoi for the whole country, the whole country for Hanoi”, the two localities agreed to enhance cooperation to tap into each other’s potentials and advantages; build transparent, strong, streamlined and efficient political system, strengthen socio-economic development, ensure national security and defense in each locality.
Under the announcement, Hanoi and Dong Nai will share experience in the Party building work, especially in realizing directives, resolutions and latest documents of the Central level, aiming to build transparent, strong, streamlined and efficient political system. 
Especially, the two sides will exchange experience in rolling out a pilot management project on urban administration, and building smart city. 
Both sides will continue working closely in training officials and staffs, especially those in charge of building, managing and operating e-government and smart city; applying information technology (IT) in state management, and providing online public services. 
In addition, the two localities agreed to learn each other’s experience in renewing and improving the leadership and combativeness of the Party organization; strengthening communication and expanding effective mass mobilization models so as to create the consensus among local people and timely address difficulties and problems at grassroots.
Furthermore, Hanoi and Dong Nai will create optimal conditions for enterprises to seek investment and business opportunities in both localities while cooperating closely in carrying out preferential mechanisms and policies to attract investment, expand industrial parks, and manage hi-tech and commercial projects between the two localities. 
The announcement underlined the need to continue boosting cooperation in managing the market; combating trade fraud, counterfeit and poor quality goods; handling food safety offenses; managing hi-tech projects. 
Dong Nai calls on Hanoi businesses to invest in projects of infrastructure development, industrial parks, shopping malls and supermarkets in the province. 

By Tran Huong

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