Hanoi Capital Press Center set to launch (16:22 05/07/2022)

HNP - On July 1, the Hanoi People's Committee issued Decision No. 2302/QD-UBND on the establishment of the Hanoi Capital Press Center on the basis of reorganizing the Hanoi e-Portal.  

Under the decision, the Hanoi Capital Press Center (Hanoi CPC) would be established on the basis of reorganizing the Hanoi e-Portal and will be headquartered at  No.1, Hoang Dao Thuy Street, Nhan Chinh Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi.

The Hanoi Capital Press Center is a public non-business unit operating under the city’s Department of Information and Communications. The center has legal status, its own seal, and and account at the State Treasury and at banks.

The Center performs the function of  coordinator to  provide  information of the Hanoi People's Committee and other departments, units, localities, non-business units directly under the City People's Committee on social issues of people’s concern; carry out propaganda on political tasks of Hanoi.

Meanwhile, the Center would provide official information of the Hanoi Party Committee, People's Council, People's Committee, City Fatherland Front Committee, Party, government and administrative agencies from the city to grassroots levels at the address of hanoi.gov.vn.

In addition, the Center would handle information in the fields of state management in Hanoi; run the shared electronic administrative information network of Hanoi with departments, agencies, districts in the city; provide instructions for citizens and businesses on administrative procedures on the website dichvucong.hanoi.gov.vn (Online public service).

The Center will have the task of receiving, building and sharing information with domestic and foreign press agencies; collecting, synthesizing and processing information from press agencies; organizing press conferences, press events, conferences, seminars, forums, exhibitions and other information and media events; cooperate with state management agencies, press agencies, domestic and foreign organizations and individuals in the field of journalism and communication; organize information activities on the Hanoi e- Portal.

In addition, the Center receives questions and opinions from citizens and organizations on the internet and answers them in accordance with its assigned functions or tasks or forwards them to competent agencies for settlement and answers according to regulations. It is also responsible for providing instructions on administrative procedures and online public services which are posted on the Hanoi e-Portal and on the Online Public Service System.

The Center will also  coordinate  the website / portal of departments, units, districts, and related agencies and organizations (not under the scope of state secrets); utilize information resources in the city in connecting with news sites or electronic portals.

Hanoi Capital Press Center is a public non-business unit operating under the financial mechanism specified in the Government's Decree No.60/2021/ND-CP dated June 21, 2021 of the Government on financial mechanisms of a number of specific non-business units.

Every year, the Center is responsible for making financial settlements with the Department of Information and Communications and competent agencies. The City People's Committee also tasked the Director of the Department of Information and Communications with directing the Hanoi e-Portal to complete procedures for personnel, operating expenses, finance, assets and liabilities (if any), working equipment, records, books, documents, other rights and obligations related to the organization and operation of the Hanoi e-Portal on the principle that the Center will inherit all rights and obligations relevant to obligations of the Hanoi e-Portal.

This decision takes effect from the date of signing and replaces the Decision No. 1841/QD-UBND dated April 20, 2009 of the Hanoi People's Committee on the establishment of the Hanoi e-Portal under the city’s Department of Information and Communications.

By Hai Nam

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