Hanoi targets completion of e-Government development by 2025 (16:19 29/06/2022)

HNP - On June 14, the Hanoi People's Committee issued Plan No. 165/KH-UBND on "Application of information technology in the activities of public agencies, and development of e-Government towards digital government and ensuring network information security in Hanoi for the 2022-2025 period".  

According to the plan, for the period of 2022-2025, Hanoi is determined to complete the development of e-Government towards a city’s Digital Government that operates and provides public services transparently and effectively.

At the same time, Hanoi will basically complete the digital transformation in public agencies; step by step providing open data of the city government to promote the development of the digital economy and digital society so that finally Hanoi would belong to the group of five leading cities in the country in the development of e-Government, eventually forming Digital Government.

Regarding some key indicators in the provision of public services, Hanoi has set a target that 100% of administrative procedures are provided in the form of online public services at stage 4; 100% of online public services are designed or redesigned to optimize the user experience, with fields to be  automatically filled using data provided by users from previous use of the services; 100% of people and businesses using public services are identified and authenticated uniformly on all information systems of government levels from central to local levels.

In the period of 2022-2025, Hanoi also sets a target of at least 50% of new public services would be developed by the private sector; 100% of civil servants are assigned  identification number during their working process; 100% of the public agencies would provide open data for the development of digital government, digital economy and digital society; 100% of the decision-making process and internal procedures at public agencies to be carried out on an unified platform;  100% of city-level meetings and 80% of district-level meetings to be conducted through the city's information system, among others.

To accomplish the above-mentioned goals, Hanoi has implemented 6 groups of tasks, including perfecting mechanisms and policies; developing digital infrastructure, platform and system, data, application and information security. At the same time, the city also proposed 6 groups of solutions, namely ensuring IT human resources; training and retraining; raising public awareness; cooperation between public agencies and enterprises; administrative reform, standardization of professional processes; domestic and international cooperation.

Based on the plan, the Hanoi People's Committee tasks the Department of Information and Communications with working  with other agencies in submitting an annual action plan; instructing and supervising departments, units and people’s committees at district- and ward-levels in implementing the plan; serving as the coordinator to assess the progress of the implementation of this plan and report back to the city People's Committee.

Directors of departments, units, and chairman of People's Committees of districts hold direct responsibility in pursuing the plan; develop the implementation plan for the period of 2022-2025 at their respective agencies, units and localities; organize the implementation of tasks and solutions to ensure close association between administrative reform and IT application for high efficiency.

By Hai Nam

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