Public satisfaction surveys to be conducted in Hanoi (15:43 07/05/2023)

HNP - The Hanoi People's Committee has issued Plan No. 120/KH-UBND on Survey of Public Satisfaction with Administrative Services.  

These services include those related to public health and education, the issuance of land use rights certificates, and construction license in Hanoi in 2023.
The surveys will be conducted among individuals and representatives of organizations who have directly dealt with the relevant agencies from January 1, 2023.
To issue land use rights certificates, the survey will be implemented at the Hanoi Land Registration Office and its branches in the city's districts and cities. For the issuance of construction permits, including temporary construction permits, the survey will be carried out at the one-stop-shop of the Department of Construction and the People's Committees of the city's districts and cities. Public education services will be surveyed at public education institutions, while public health services will be at public health institutions.
Two survey methods were used: online and face-to-face surveys at one-stop-shop departments of relevant units and direct surveys at Hanoi public health and education facilities. For the one-stop-shop service survey, interviewers from the Hanoi Institute of Socio-Economic Studies met with individuals and representatives of organizations who had completed administrative procedures.
At public health and education facilities, surveys would be conducted through questionnaires to gather feedback on respondents' experiences and use of services at the city's public health and education facilities.
In addition, an online survey was conducted using questionnaires on the "Platform for Surveying and Collecting People's Opinions" (available at, which was developed in cooperation with the Hanoi Institute for Socio-Economic Development Studies and the Department of Information and Communication under the Ministry of Information and Communication.
Analyzing performance of State agencies
The Hanoi People's Committee also issued Plan No. 121/KH-UBND, which focuses on measuring, researching and analyzing the Satisfaction Index of Public Administration Services (SIPAS) provided by various departments and equivalent agencies well as people's committees of districts and towns, for the year 2023.
The surveyed units include 22 departments and municipal agencies and 30 districts and towns. The municipal departments and agencies will be surveyed through 2,550 survey forms, and the People's Committees of the districts and towns will be surveyed through 9,000 survey forms.
Based on the results of the SIPAS, the city expects the local authorities and the people's committees of the districts and towns to implement innovative solutions to improve the quality of public service delivery for individuals and organizations.
The survey findings will be promptly announced, disseminated, and promoted among the cadre, civil servant, and employee community of agencies and units in the city, as well as to the general public and organizations. This aims to enhance awareness, a sense of responsibility, and social consensus toward the city's administrative reform efforts.

Source: Hanoi Times

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