City to ensure safety at level-crossings (13:57 19/09/2018)

HNP - The Ha Noi People’s Committee released Official Letter No. 4239/UBND-DT dated September 13, requesting city’s departments, heads of agencies and sectors, and People’s Committees of districts, suburban districts and towns which the railroads run through to increase cooperation and ensure traffic safety and order at the level-crossings.

According to the official letter, the Ha Noi People’s Committee received document of the Ministry of Transport on increasing cooperation and ensuring traffic safety and order at the intersections of roads and railways. In response to the document, the Municipal People’s Committee requests the Department of Transport (standing agency of Ha Noi Traffic Safety Committee) to perform following tasks:

- Taking the responsibility, and cooperating with the Ha Noi Police Department and People’s Committees of related localities to realize instruction of the Ministry of Transport; checking implementation, urging units to perform their tasks, summing up information, submitting proposal and report to the Ministry of Transport and the Municipal People’s Committee if there are problems beyond its authority;

- Cooperating with the Department of Information and Communications, the Ha Noi Police Department, the People’s Committees of districts, suburban districts and towns, the Ha Noi Traffic Safety Committee, the Ha Noi Youth Union, the Ha Noi Radio and Television and newspapers of capital city to increase information work, popularization and education on mass media, and encourage the people to strictly comply with legal regulations on traffic safety and order;

- Closely coordinating with the Viet Nam Railway Department, the Viet Nam Railway Corporation and related units to launch coordination regulation between Ministry of Transport and People’s Committees of districts, suburban districts and towns which railroads run through; mobilizing watchmen at the paths crossing rail tracks opened by the locals spontaneously, where traffic accidents are likely to occur ; proactively cooperating with the Department of Finance to ask Ha Noi Municipal People’s Committee to allocate fund for building speed humps and eliminating the paths opened by the locals spontaneously; taking further measures and actions to ensure railway traffic safety and order, especially dealing with illegal paths crossing rail tracks, encroachment upon railway safety corridors, violation of legal regulation when people drive vehicles across the paths crossing rail tracks, and severely punishing violation of legal regulation on railway traffic safety  and order;

- Taking responsibility for cooperating with the Viet Nam Railway Corporation to make records and dossiers for management, and build roadmaps to apply measures according to the law in order to maintain railway traffic order and safety at the illegal paths crossing rail tracks under management of local governments.

Chairpeople of the People’s Committees of  districts, suburban district and towns which the railroads run through shall apply the coordination regulations between Ministry of Transport and People’s Committees of provinces and cities which the railroads run through; intensify inspection, and severely punish the organizations and individuals that allow the opening of unlawful paths crossing the railroads, encroachment or re-encroachment upon safety corridors, or illegal use of land of the railway safety corridors.

By Mai Phuong

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