Hanoi approves new model of handling administrative procedures (08:45 14/11/2022)

HNP - On November 10, the Hanoi People's Committee issued Decision No. 4379/QD-UBND, approving the Project of the Department of Delivering  results of handling administrative procedures at all levels in the city, or One-Stop Shop.  

According to the approved scheme, all One-stop shops in the city would use a common brand identity set in terms of color, size, name on electronic applications, office applications, or the use of interior, exterior, costumes and other designs.

The slogan of the One-Stop  is "Administrative Service", expressing the spirit of taking people and businesses as the center to serve, while the satisfaction of people and businesses is the measure of the quality and service efficiency of officials, public servants, public employees and agencies receiving and handling administrative procedures.

The City People's Committee requests to prioritize the arrangement of the One-Stop shops in a convenient and easy-to-find place (at a central location) so that citizens can easily access the facility; ensuring convenience in linking and moving to other departments and units for greater efficiency in handling work; prioritizing the arrangement on the first floor of the headquarters of the units; designed to ensure accessibility for all citizens, especially with entrances and exits for people with disabilities.

The area of ​​the One-Stop shop  must be at least 40m2 or more; prioritize upgrading and renovating existing or leased offices, swapping the usability of existing buildings to avoid waste. For the People's Committee of Hoan Kiem district, research and pilot the model of a ward-level public administrative service center on the basis of combining a number of wards with an area of ​​less than 20m2, with the pilot period set in 2023.

Regarding the planning and design of the space, the People's Committee of the City requires that the department have five facilities, among which are the area to provide information and carry out administrative procedures; the area to receive and return the results of administrative procedures; the waiting area for citizens; the areas in which the equipment used to search for and evaluate satisfaction levels are located, as well as the placement of digitization equipment and other support service areas.

Regarding equipment and facilities, ensuring the principle that each  public employee working at the One-Stop shop   is equipped with 01 computer; ensure at least one computer with network connection to serve citizens to transact at the Department (for guidance, information search, online public service); Equipped with one scanner for digitizing records and papers. Each one-stop unit is also equipped with a barcode/QRcode reader; automatic numbering machine; Photocopiers; camera surveillance system; satisfaction assessment equipment, quality assessment of administrative procedures and equipment for evaluation in administrative procedure reform, administrative reform, etc.

In addition, the Project of the City People's Committee also stipulates that there must be enough seats in waiting and a writing desk so that citizens can declare and record information at the One-Stop-Shop.

The staff working at the One-Stop shop must have manners, communication attitudes, polite, gentle, open, friendly, standard, and in compliance with the office culture regulations; having the qualifications and ability to meet the requirements of professional expertise, information technology and culture of behavior and communication with organizations and individuals.

By Hai Nam

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