More effort to ensure traffic safety and order (16:37 25/05/2019)

HNP – The Hanoi People’s Committee has recently issued Plan No. 113/KH-UBND on realizing Resolution No. 12/NQ-CP dated February 19, 2019 of the Government on ensuring traffic safety and order, and combating traffic congestion for the period of 2019-2021 in the city. 

Accordingly, the Municipal People’s Committee requested all levels, sectors and people to drastically carry out several key tasks to ensure traffic safety and order in the 2019-2021 period. 
Particularly, the Municipal People’s Committee assigned the Department of Transport to take prime responsibility and coordinate with relevant agencies under the Ministry of Transport to review, adjust and perfect legal document systems in transport operation to meet the requirement in new situation with priority given to develop public transport; tighten the management of transport and vehicle loading capacity control; increase responsibility of transport business owners and hired drivers.
It is necessary to make a plan on development of appropriate modes of transport suitable with traffic facilities to meet people’s travel demand as well as reduce traffic jam and environmental pollution; upgrade bus stations and connect them with  commercial complex. 
Furthermore, the Department of Transport in collaboration with the Municipal Police and relevant agencies will  establish cross-functional teams to inspect the execution of Law on Traffic Safety and Order in  all transport business units, and strictly handle cases infringing regulations on training, and granting driving license and health examination for drivers while working with the Department of Health to elaborate a concrete plan on  health checkup services to all drivers in transport business  licensed by the Department of Transport, and give a report on outcomes to the Municipal People’s Committee.
The Department of Transport will also take prime responsibility and coordinate with Hanoi Transport Corporation, relevant departments and sectors to complete a project on expanding and improving the quality of public transport by bus by 2020, a vision to 2030. 
Among tasks released in the plan include taking more measures to manage, develop and improve the quality of public  transport services; renewing and expanding bus routes; choosing buses suitable with transport infrastructure in each area; connecting bus routes to railway stations and bus stations; regularly reviewing and organizing bus networks reasonably; opening new bus routes connecting Hanoi to neighboring provinces and cities; managing urban railway lines and putting into exploitation effectively.
Notably, the Department of Transport will focus on putting Cat Linh – Ha Dong elevated railway into operation in 2019 after the Ministry of Transport handed over to Hanoi city for management and exploitation.

By Tran Huong

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