Hanoi aims to improve public satisfaction on performance of administrative units (14:33 01/07/2022)

HNP - On June 29, the Hanoi People's Committee issued the Plan No. 181/KH-UBND on improving public satisfaction on the performance of administrative units in the city.  

The purpose of this plan is to increase awareness and raise the responsibility of heads, officials, civil servants and employees of all departments, units and localities in receiving and handle petitions of people and organizations, while .  improving  the satisfaction index on receiving and handling petitions in all 4 component indicators, bringing the total score to over 85 points. It is also aimed at improving 3 out of 4 components of the index of low score.

Accordingly, Hanoi would strive to increase the satisfaction rate of receiving and handling comments and suggestions, contributing to the overall satisfaction rate of the city's administrative services in 2022 against that in 2021.

In order to realize these goals, all departments, units and localities are required to implement the above plan in a synchronous and consistent manner, especially in measures to improve  the city’s public administration reform index (PAR Index) and the Satisfaction Index of Public Administration Services (SIPAS).

In addition, Hanoi would promote clear responsibilities from each individual and organizations in implementing the plan. The city strives for the Satisfaction Index on receiving and handling petitions related to administrative procedures to increase by at least 3-5% compared to 2021 (79.73% in 2021).

According to the Hanoi People's Committee, the capital city is a large urban area with more than 8.5 million people, and  home to 335,000 domestic and foreign businesses. Therefore, the daily demand for daily administrative servives of  people and businesses is very high; Issues related to the implementation of administrative procedures have been dealt with timely over the years (in 2020 there are 311 recommendations; in 2021 1,795; and the first 6 months of 2022 of 619).

By Hai Nam

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