City increases effort to build high-tech agricultural model (05:55 18/04/2019)

HNP - The Hanoi Party Committee released Announcement No. 1891/TB/TU dated April 9, stating conclusion on  the first quarter conference of the Steering Committee for Municipal Party Committee’s Program No. 02-CTr/TU.

In terms of agriculture development, the districts and towns of Hanoi strictly follow instruction of city’s government, dynamically set their targets and give solution, with the focus on easing difficulties in changing crop structure and livestock, enhancing the agricultural restructuring and production connection; fulfilling the cultivation plan for spring crop on schedule with total cultivation area of 114,170ha; taking action to protect livestock, poultry and aquatic animals during cold weather; applying urgent measures comprehensively to control African swine fever, foot and mouth disease and H5N6 bird flu. They also increase effort to build high-tech agricultural model. So far, there are 131 models, up by 4 models against the last quarter of last year. The districts and towns enhance connection between production and consumption of products in chains; so far, there are 131 models, an increase of 1 model against the last period of 2018.

Leadership is strengthened to change the structure of crops and livestock after land regrouping. 38,770.5ha of land after regrouping are transferred to production models, which become economically efficient. Attention is also paid to consolidating, improving operation of cooperatives. A number of cooperatives, production teams and groups are established, contributing to developing production, business and restructuring the agriculture sector.

In terms of new-style rural area construction, Gia Lam, Quoc Oai and Phuc Tho districts are on the way to complete their dossiers for submission to the city.

The districts striving to meet new-style rural area standard in 2019 (including Chuong My, Soc Son, Thach That districts and Son Tay town) focus on taking measures to speed up progress of the new-style rural area construction program. The districts recognized as new rural areas continue their effective and creative measures, and concentrate on building advanced new-style rural communes.

Ha Noi mobilizes significant resources from city budget for new-style rural area construction. Since 2016, the city has invested VND39,772.1 billion in developing new-style rural areas; in the first quarter of 2019, the city spent VND10,908.4 billion on new-style rural area construction. Localities proactively conduct dissemination, call on enterprises and the people to make their contribution to new-style rural area construction. An amount of 3,581.6 billion has been raised since 2016; VND370 billion is collected in the first quarter of 2019.

12 districts are honored for offering VND438.1 billion financial support for sub-urban districts in building new-style rural area; the amount is increased VND17 billion against the last quarter of 2018. Remarkably, Thanh Xuan district donates total amount of VND183 billion.

For the next nine months of 2019, Ha Noi focuses on key missions as following:
- Increasing leadership and instruction, and fulfilling two missions: reviewing targets and missions of Program No. 02-CTr/TU; giving instruction, reaching targets of the Program; preparing for Party Congresses at all levels (2020-2025 tenure);
- Increasing leadership and instruction for prevention and control of African swine fever and bird flu; preparing plan to control diseased areas, supporting households affected by the diseases in stabilizing their cattle;
- Setting up control points to supervise the transportation of pigs in and out of Hanoi as well as wholesale markets;
- Enhancing agriculture development towards agricultural restructuring; enhancing concentrated agricultural production, high technology application, thus creating safe, high-quality and hygienic products.

Hanoi expects that at least 30 communes will meet new-style rural area standards and 20 others will reach advanced new-style rural area standards in 2019. Gia Lam and Quoc Oai districts complete their dossiers soon and submit them to the Municipal People’s Committee, so that the latter will review and submit them to Central Steering Committee for further consideration and recognition of new-style rural districts according to regulations. Thach That, Chuong My and Soc Son districts fulfill criteria of new-style rural area soon, and complete their application to be recognized as new-style rural districts in 2019. Son Tay town completes their dossier, and submits it to be recognized for fulfilling new-style rural area construction mission in 2019. Furthermore, the districts increase effort to tackle problems and speed up progress of issuing use right certificate of land after regrouping for farm households.

By Mai Phuong

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