Significant progress in leadership and instruction of Municipal People’s Committee in the 15th week (from April 8 to 14) (05:04 19/04/2019)

HNP - The Office of the Municipal People’s Committee provided information about its operation and instruction in the 15th week (from April 8 to 14) as following.

1. Releasing Directive on natural disaster prevention and control, search and rescue in 2019

In an effort to actively respond to climate change, the Chairman of the Municipal People’s Committee approvesd Directive No. 06/CT-UBND dated April 10, 2019, requesting authorities at all levels of Hanoi to take following actions:

- Build plan and project of natural disaster prevention and control, search and rescue in 2019 according to actual condition of localities; prepare forces, equipment, supplies and costs according to the Four On-site motto; regularly supervise changes of the weather, especially heavy rains, storm, hurricanes which can cause flood and falling of trees, especially old trees in urban area;

- Examine, assess status of dykes, embankments, drains, reservoirs and disaster prevention works, timely detect problems, fix them and guarantee safety of the works as assigned;

- Review and sum up the list of areas facing high risk of landslide, flash flood in the area. Chuong My, Ba Vi, Quoc Oai, Thach That, Soc Son and My Duc districts shall especially pay attention to flash flood, and make plans to evacuate the people to safe places in emergency cases.

2. Authorizing People’s Committee Chairman of Soc Son district to approve investment procedures for three projects of building technical infrastructure in resettlement areas in  Nam Son, Bac Son, Hong Ky communes to move the residents of areas affected by Soc Son Waste Treatment Plan


The Chairman of Municipal People’s Committee approved Decision No. 1723/QD-UBND dated April 9, 2019 on authorizing Chairman of People’s Committee of Soc Son district to approve investment procedures for three projects of building technical infrastructure in resettlement areas in Nam Son, Bac Son, Hong Ky communes for the evacuation of  the residents of areas affected by Soc Son Waste Treatment Plant, of which investment was approved by the Municipal People’s Council in principle according to Resolution No. 12/NQ-HDND dated December 5, 2018.


The Chairman of People’s Committee of Soc Son district is in charge of following tasks: (1) Verifying the projects (including basic design), verifying design and cost estimates of the works, and conduct tasks as authorized according to regulation of the State and the city on managing construction investment projects, and procedures, progresses on verifying investment projects, design and cost estimate of the works, as well as related legal regulations before approving. (2) Approval of the investment projects must follow the content approved by Municipal People’s Council, ensuring the best economic and technical efficiency of the projects and items in all scopes (form, scale, structure, construction method, etc.); matching the city’s financial capacity; ensuring economically efficient investment; preventing  wastefulness and misappropriation of state budget. (3) For next steps of the projects, the People’s Committee of Soc Son district is in charge of carrying out the project according to legal regulation of the State and Hanoi on managing construction and investment projects. (4) People’s Committee of Soc Son district is also responsible before the law and Municipal People’s Committee on realizing its rights and obligations as authorized during the process of managing, implementing projects and managing investment. The Department of Construction is in charge of cooperating with other agencies to guide and check investors’ performance in realizing their authorized tasks; handle related administrative procedures according to their functions and missions.

3. Implementing policies and mechanisms on supporting agricultural production to recover cultivation in areas affected by natural disasters and diseases in Hanoi

In order to implement Decree No. 02/2017/ND-CP dated January 9, 2017 of the Government on policies and mechanisms on supporting agricultural production to recover cultivation in areas affected by natural disasters and diseases in Hanoi, the Municipal People’s Committee approved Decision No. 07/2019/QD-UBND dated April 11, 2019 on stipulating support for plants, forestry production, aquaculture and animal, livestock husbandry; direct support for households whose diseased livestock, animal are destroyed or households in outbreak areas whose livestock, animal are destroyed.

4. Implementing 10 projects on renovating, repairing, improving irrigation works and dykes damaged by storms in Chuong My, My Duc and Quoc Oai districts 

According to Document No.1417/UBND-KT dated April 9, the Hanoi People’s Commitee approves implementation of 10 projects on renovating, repairing, improving irrigation works and dykes damaged by storms in 2018 in Chuong My, My Duc and Quoc Oai districts with finance sourced from the city’s budget; investment in six new projects on construction, renovating, improving irrigation and drainage pumping stations financed by city’s budget for public investment; supplement to mid-term plan for the period of 2016 to 2020.


For projects on improving, renovating 19 roads, six cultural sites, four schools, building new quarter for Nam Phuong Tien Commune People’s Committee and building Cultural and Communal House for Ben Voi village (Can Huu commune, Quoc Oai district), the People’s Committees of Chuong My and Quoc Oai districts are in charge of reviewing funding and expenses, so that they can amend public investment plan of the district and give priority to mobilizing capital to overcome consequences of the storms in 2018. If the authorities fall short of funding to fulfill the task, they should give priority to recovery projects, and propose a proper amount of capital according to the city’s budget capacity.

5. Speeding up progress of developing water supply pipes to localities and providing water to each household soon

According to instruction of Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Hoang Trung Hai under Document No. 1410/UBND-ĐT dated April 9, the Municipal People’s Committee  requests Department of Construction in close cooperation with People’s Committee of Gia Lam district and other districts in the water supply area of the project to conduct communication work, call on people to support and create favorable conditions for investment, development of the water supply pipes to localities, and provide water to each  household soon; suggest preferential policies according to the law, so that the project is implemented on schedule and meet targets of capacity, quality, water supply zone and quantity of beneficiaries; direct water supply units of Hanoi to closely cooperate with Duong River Surface Water Joint Stock Company to speed up progress of supplying water to households in the planning area. The Department of Natural Resources and Environment in coordination with authorities of provinces which Duong River runs through  join hands and take measures to reduce activities that might pollute the surface water, contribute to ensuring stability of the project.

6. Meeting people’s transport demand, and guarantee traffic safety and order during the holidays of Reunification Day (April 30) and International Labor Day (May 1)

In order to satisfy people’s demand of transport and guarantee traffic safety and order during the holidays of Reunification Day (April 30) and International Labor Day (May 1) under Document No. 1460/UBND-DT dated April 11, Hanoi People’s Committee requests units to increase effort and realize the following tasks.

Accordingly, the Department of Transport in cooperation with Hanoi Transport Corporation shall perform tasks as following:

- Increase effort to ensure safety, quality of public passenger transportation service and quality of vehicles, meet transport demand during the peak period, guarantee order and environmental sanitation in bus stations; improve method for ticket selling, enhance the application of e-ticketing, publicize fares, prevent speculation and illegal increase of fares; ensure security, order, safety and convenience for passengers, reduce the congestion in bus stations;

- Increase supervision and inspection, and punish drivers who do not comply with, or violate regulations on technical standards, speeding and number of passengers; - Request bus station managers to increase cooperation with public passenger transportation units in managing vehicles; the vehicles must satisfy safety standards and technical requirements  before they depart from bus stations.


The Department of Transport and Hanoi Police Department take following actions:
- Establish inter-disciplinary working groups, conduct 24/7 patrol  to check, control and guarantee traffic safety and order on key routes and places prone to traffic accidents;

- Severely punish violations of traffic safety regulations and behaviors which might cause traffic accidents, such as transportation of dangerous, flammable goods, over-speeding, running on prohibited streets or one-way streets, driving without helmets, driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, overloaded, overweighted trucks and vehicles, technically substandard vehicles; give detailed assignment to responsible officers of the area; coordinate with local People’s Committee of districts and towns and railway, waterway agencies to take measures for traffic safety at intersections of roads and railroads, wharves and harbors; detect traffic risks at aforementioned places, and cooperate with authorities to tackle the problems; increase examination of technical status and safety system of the vehicles, require drastic measures to handle the violations; vehicles are not allowed to be put into use unless the problems are tackled according to technical standards;

- Cooperate with related units of Ministry of Transport, investors and authorities of surrounding provinces to make plan on ensuring operation and transportation via toll plazas (BOT projects), especially before and after the holidays.

The Department of Transport is in charge of following tasks:

- Maintain the roads, bridges, fix the problems to ensure smooth flow of transport, create favorable conditions for people and vehicles; conduct regular inspection to supplement and repair the road signs, barricades, signal lights and manhole covers, especially on main streets with high density;

- Prevent accidents due to low-quality transport infrastructure; check and urge construction units to arrange traffic flows and guide the people, prevent congestion and ensure traffic safety during the construction; coordinate with the Hanoi Police Department and other units to finalize plan to ensure traffic safety, reduce congestion on high-density routes during rush hours; increase management of registration and inspection; check technical safety of vehicles at city’s vehicle registration offices.

The Department of Information and Communications cooperates with units, news agencies, newspapers to enhance communication and education of  regulations on traffic safety, so that people will improve their sense of law compliance and take measure to prevent traffic accidents; pay special attention to prevent accidents of boat wrecking, auto and motorbike accidents; conduct communication on  wearing proper helmets, not to drive under influence of alcohol, and wearing life jackets when on boat or ferry; recognize good people and good deeds in observing the law on traffic, criticizing organizations and individuals that fail to follow traffic safety laws, The Department of Education and Training cooperates with units to select proper content for communication and education in schools in Hanoi, focusing on regulations on traffic safety and civilized  behavior when driving.

7. At least 80% of elderly people in difficult circumstances receive medical checkup, health care services and free medicines

Under the theme “Join hands for health and happiness of the elderly”, the Municipal People’s Committee released its plan on launching Action Month for the Elderly in 2019, requesting authorities at all levels to perform following tasks: review and supervise situation of the disadvantaged, alone elderly, and the elderly under preferential treatment policies; call for resources to take care of the old-aged people , ensure state budget and social resources to provide health care for the old peole in residential areas; cooperate with health establishments to make health records and offer periodical health examination for the elderly; continue program on eye care for the elderly; continue implementation of project on further applying inter-generation clubs and culture, sport activities for elderly at grassroots level; check and supervise the implementation of Law on Elderly, treatment policies for elderly at all levels; honor good samples in terms of caring for elderly, and further apply them; ensure that at least 80% of old people in difficult circumstances (old people from poor households, marginally poor households, disabled and  alone people or people with serious diseases) receive free medical checkup, medicines, health care and other kinds of support.

8. Launching of communications program For Traffic Safety of Hanoi

The Municipal People’s Committee issued Plan No. 90/KH-UBND dated April 9, instructing implementation of communications program For Traffic Safety of Hanoi 2019 (from April to December). This is the city’s effort to increase legal communication of traffic safety, enhance people’s awareness and build traffic manner among the youth; increase dissemination, contribute to reducing congestion and traffic accidents; increase management of urban civilization and order; build traffic conducts  among the youth; honor individuals and collectives with significant contribution to traffic safety and order, and criticize regulations infringement. Themed “Traffic safety for passengers and motorbike drivers”, the program includes an online quiz for high school students (from August to November), events on traffic safety (from April to December), and launching of website

9. Activities to commemorate 1080 years since Ngo Quyen was proclaimed as King in Co Loa

The Hanoi People’s Committee released Plan No. 94/KH-UBND dated April 10, instructing organization of events to commemorate 1080 years since Ngo Quyen was  proclaimed as King in Co Loa. It aims to express deep gratitude towards the previous generations for their dedication to the country’s independence and freedom; assert the role of Ngo Quyen in history; honor the spirit of patriotism, sense of independence, self-reliance, and desire for peace. The activities include an incense offering at 9AM, a ceremony at 8PM on April 20, and art, sport performance program on April 20 and 21. Newspapers of Hanoi are requested to increase communication of the events. Hanoi Radio and Television is asked to produce programs on Ngo Quyen and Bach Dang River Victory, and enhance communication campaign from April 10 to 25.

10. Announcing list of administrative procedures and eliminated administrative procedures under authority of Department of Science and Technology

The Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee approved Decision No. 1753/QD-UBND dated April 10 on announcing list of administrative procedures and eliminated administrative procedures under authority of Department of Science and Technology. The Municipal People’s Committee released the list of 26 administrative procedures and eliminated 26 administrative procedures in the field of quality measurement standard, intellectual property, nuclear radiation safety and scientific and technological activities under competence of the Department of Science and Technology, and decided some expired administrative procedures.

11. Striving to increase Index of Industrial Production in the field of supporting industry annually by 12%

The Municipal People’s Committee issued Plan No.  91/KH-UBND dated April 4, instructing implementation of plan on realizing Program on developing support industry in Hanoi for the 2019-2020. It is expected that by the end of 2020, there will be around 900 enterprises in Hanoi running their business in the field of support industry; 400 of them will offer manufacturing system and products meeting international standard, and be capable to join global manufacturing network of multinational corporation in Vietnam. By the end of 2020, industrial production value of support industry will account for nearly 18% of Hanoi’s manufacturing industry value; Index of Industrial Production of support industry will increases by 12% annually, contributing to accelerating growth of added value.


The plan sets key targets as following: building Regulation on managing and using capital to develop support industry of Hanoi; building and updating database of support industry enterprises; connecting, helping support industry enterprises to become product suppliers of domestic and international partners, promoting investment in supporting industry; helping enterprises to apply management system to meet requirement of global manufacturing chains in business and manufacturing administration; assisting  in training to improve human resources to meet requirement of support industry; supporting in development research, transfer, application and technology innovation in producing components, spare parts, materials and materials.

12. Supporting enterprises in brand building and development

In order to help enterprises in brand building and development, increase competitiveness in domestic and international market in accordance with international integration, create condition for enterprises to build and promote their brands towards sustainable production and trading, expand consumption market and distribution, the Hanoi People’s Committee issued Plan 93/KH-UBND dated April 9. It focuses on implementation of regulation on supporting enterprises in brand building and development. The city offers various support as follows: training on brand building and development; support in terms of brand naming; design of logo or brand identities for enterprise brands or product brands; consulting in strategy on building and developing of enterprise brands or product brands; marketing activities, promoting enterprise brands or product brands in various ways, such as advertisement on mass media, websites, online communications, etc.

By Mai Phuong

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