Hanoi steps up efforts for management of urban greenery (15:12 07/03/2023)

HNP - On February 28, the Hanoi People's Committee issued Decision No. 03/2023/QD-UBND regulating the management of urban greenery in Hanoi. This Decision takes effect from March 15, 2023.  

The decision emphasizes the importance of investing in and developing urban greenery in the city. To achieve this, the City will encourage both domestic and foreign organizations and individuals to invest in and develop nurseries, parks, and green trees. In addition, efforts will be made to plant, care for, manage, maintain and protect urban green trees.

When repairing, renovating, or modernizing city streets or technical infrastructure, the investor must prioritize plans that limit the cutting and displacement of existing trees on sidewalks and medians.
Before implementing any plans, the project investor must submit the plan to the specialized state management body for review and approval.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports and the People's Committees at the district level will also play a role in protecting urban greenery. When issuing licenses for the installation of billboards and signs (excluding traffic signs) in medians with trees, parks, flower gardens and lawns, they must obtain unanimous opinions from decentralized specialized agencies before implementing any plans.

The Municipal Department of Construction is responsible for managing the entire urban green tree system in the city, including new planting, management, maintenance, care, preservation, and issuing permits for cutting and moving urban green trees. The district-level People's Committees are responsible for the management of urban green trees within their administrative boundaries, including issuing permits for cutting and moving trees, except for those on the list managed by the Municipal People's Committee.When trees need to be cut down or moved for work and projects, the process must be aligned with the timeline of the projects. The tree management plan should be based on standards and criteria for cutting and moving trees, and should include a proposal for replanting trees in a new location. This plan must be submitted to the appropriate authority for approval before any action is taken.

If trees must be cut or moved at the request of individuals or organizations, they must follow all regulations and provide compensation for all costs associated with the process, including the cost of new trees, if necessary.

In unexpected situations, such as natural disasters or when trees pose a safety hazard, the tree management unit must work with the local People's Committee to cut or move the trees immediately. They must then submit a report to the appropriate agency for record keeping and future management.

By Hai Nam

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