Hanoi promotes traffic safety in 2023 (15:13 07/03/2023)

HNP - The Hanoi Traffic Safety Committee released Plan No. 27/KH-BATGT on March 1 to promote and educate the laws and regulations regarding traffic safety in Hanoi for the year 2023. The main objective of this plan is to create a safe traffic culture by encouraging people to respect traffic laws.  

The objective is to further enhance the quality and effectiveness of communication and information initiatives with the central theme of "Building a Safe Traffic Culture through Law Adherence".

This is intended to increase awareness and understanding about complying with traffic laws, maintaining traffic order, and promoting safety. The ultimate goal is to establish a traffic culture in the city. Additionally, there will be a focus on reinforcing the accountability and discipline of law enforcement officials in upholding traffic regulations and safety standards.

It is expected that government officials, party members, civil servants, and employees across various departments and organizations in Hanoi will set an example by strictly adhering to traffic laws and contributing to the development of a traffic culture.

The plan will focus on the dissemination of important documents and directives related to road safety, including the Road Traffic Law 2008, the Railway Law, the Inland Waterways Law No. 23/2004/QH11 (amended in 2014), the Law on the Prevention and Control of Harmful Effects of Alcohol and Beer, Decree No. 100/2019/ND-CP (which establishes the sanctions for administrative violations in the road and railway domain), Decree No. 123/2021/ND-CP (which amends and supplements articles on penalties for administrative violations in the field of maritime traffic), Resolution No. 04/2017/NQ-HDND (which approves the project on strengthening the management of road vehicles to reduce traffic congestion and environmental pollution in Hanoi, period 2017-2020 with a vision to 2030), and Resolution No. 33/NQ-HDND (which approves the target program to reduce traffic congestion and ensure traffic safety in the city in the period 2021-2025).

The plan emphasizes the importance of promoting, publicizing, and educating people about traffic laws and safety. This includes issues such as maintaining safety on roads, railways and waterways, promoting a traffic culture and urban civilized lifestyle, and ensuring compliance with laws on urban order. In addition, the plan aims to encourage people to use public transportation, reduce the use of private vehicles, reduce traffic congestion and accidents, and minimize environmental pollution.

To achieve these goals, the city will work with the National Traffic Safety Committee to organize various traffic safety communication programs and events. These include the Traffic Safety Film Festival, awards for writing on traffic safety, initiatives to commemorate the "World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims 2023", and a program to provide helmets to first grade students for the 2023-2024 school year with the theme "Holding the Dream".

The Hanoi Party Committee is responsible for leading the dissemination, education and promotion of traffic laws and safety. This will be carried out through specific plans within the Party system and the city's political framework, including incorporating propaganda content into Party cell activities, Party events, and city reporters' conferences.

The Transportation Department, as the standing agency of the Municipal Traffic Safety Committee, will take the lead in coordinating with other municipal departments, branches and district and township people's committees to implement the plan. They will also inspect and monitor the progress of the plan and report to the City People's Committee and the National Traffic Safety Committee according to regulations.

The Hanoi Department of Information and Communication will take the lead in coordinating with the Municipal Police and the Department of Transport to guide the city's press agencies, both central and local, to work with the City People's Committee. They will also direct the grassroots information system to intensify the dissemination and promotion of traffic laws and safety to all segments of the population under the theme "Respect the Law to Build a Safe Traffic Culture".

By Hai Nam

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