Hanoi to build plan on socio-economic development and state budget estimate of 2020 (21:36 31/07/2019)

HNP - The Municipal People’s Committee has recently issued Directive No. 12/CT-UBND dated July 25, 2019 on building  social, economic development plan and state budget estimate of 2020.

Among directions and tasks of social andurban development, resource management and environment protection, the city pays further attention to remarkable issues as following:
- Further improve investment and business environment; solutions to solve difficulties and reduce costs for businesses; effectively implement the Government’s Resolution No. 35/NQ-CP dated May 16, 2016 on support for enterprise and business  development until 2020; review and substantially trim off administrative procedures; improve efficiency of the One Stop Shop and inter-level One Stop Shop mechanism as well as online public services at stages 3 and 4; improve Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI); take measures comprehensively to provide legal support to the businesses;

- Further restructure investment, boost resources, and create new motivation for development; enhance the auction of land use rights; call for participation of private sectors in infrastructure investment and development, for example in the fields of trade, education and training, health, culture, sports, information and communications; speed up investment procedures, put the projects of domestic, non-budget investment and FDI into operation soon; speed up progress of land clearance; accelerate disbursement of capital construction of public investment projects in the 2016-2020 period as well as key projects; promote the application of online bidding, ensure that online bidding rate in form of competitive offers and open bidding will account for minimum 50% of bidding packages and 15% total value of the bidding packages;

- Promote the restructuring of the city’s economic, ensure a fast and sustainable development of the economy; strive for a GRDP increase of at least 7.45%, promote the changes of economic structure and intra-industry transformation towards higher proportion of services, industry and construction sectors, gradually reduce the proportion of agriculture, forestry and fisheries sectors; promote the sectors which apply new technologies and high technologies, and actively participate in global production network and value chains;

- Restructure industry and construction sectors; increase the proportion of processing industry, manufacturing and deeply participate in the global production and value chains; promote technological innovation, improve production processes, proactively take part in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and take advantage of its achievements to improve labor productivity, develop new and advantaged industries; improve the capacity of enterprises in the field of supporting industry, step by step reduce the rate of subcontracting and assembly; invest in developing infrastructure of industrial clusters according to the planning;  draw investment in the industrial clusters in the area.
- Increase the application of scientific and technical advances, reorganize agricultural production, create zones of intensive farming, commodity production and production-consumption chains as well as supply chain of safe agricultural products and food; exploit land resources, create the highest added value;

- Develop sustainably and effectively, and improve competitiveness in association with building new-style rural areas towards restructuring the sectors and products according to advantages and market demands; fulfill the targets given by the 16th Party Congress of Municipal Party Committee on the quantity of new-style rural districts; proactively prevent and control natural disasters; control diseases in plants and domestic animals;

- Continue effort to arrange, equitize and divest state capital in state-owned enterprises according to plan, while improving efficiency of production and business after the arrangement and equitization; boost development of the private economy, make it an important force of the city’s economy; boost innovative and creative startup ecosystem; create necessary conditions for law compliance of the enterprises, help the companies to run their business effectively, prevent legal risks and increase their capacity of competitiveness;

- Enhance the construction of socio-economic infrastructure system in sync with a number of modern, environmentally-friendly projects; mobilize  investment resources to build infrastructure and urban development systems; focus on investment in the large, important and essential projects that are effective among sectors, fields and areas which have potential of further developing and solving congestion and overload; speed up the progress of technical infrastructure investment projects, especially railway lines, ring roads and radial axes; deal with traffic congestion points; develop public transport; increase effort to speed up implementation progress, striving to complete the 5-year plan (from 2016 to 2020) with the best performance in terms of public passenger transport rate;

- Strengthen management of urban construction order;  complete the plan of planting another 600,000 trees  as an addition to the 1 million new trees program; enhance urban embellishment, bury  electricity and telecommunications cables underground; expand civilized streets and walking streets; strive to fulfill target of the 5-year plan (from2016 to 2020) on 100% households provided with clean water;

- Strengthen resource management; promote projects on waste, solid waste and waste water treatment; improving rivers and lakes water; protect the environmental; fulfill target of the 5-year plan (from 2016 to 2020) on building environmental wastewater treatment systems in 100% industrial clusters; proactively respond to climate change; develop irrigation systems, disaster prevention and control projects, and respond to climate change;

- Develop an effective and sustainable social welfare system; implement policy of preferential treatment for people having special contribution to the revolution, as well as social assistance policies; continue effort to innovate and promote the involvement of private resources in   education and training, focusing on improving the quality of output; create fundamental and strong changes in quality and efficiency of education and training, thus meeting requirements of the society and integration; build a favorable environment which supports foreign language teaching and learning activities;

- Continue administrative reform, inspection, examination, citizen reception and settlement of complaints and denunciations; promote the prevention and fight against corruption and waste; ensure national defense, security, social order and safety; improve effectiveness of foreign affairs and international integration affairs; build a streamlined, effective and efficient apparatus; tighten discipline, build and improve laws, improve effectiveness of law enforcement; build e-government to the serve people and businesses; enhance the Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI).

By Mai Phuong



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