Hanoi, Ha Tinh boost comprehensive cooperation (12:39 15/06/2019)

HNP - The Hanoi Party Committee has recently released Announcement No. 1980-TB/TU on the conclusions at the conference between Hanoi and Ha Tinh Province.

Accordingly, the two localities will boost the comprehensive cooperation to bring into full play their potentials and advantages so as to build strong and transparent Party organization and political system, promote socio-economic development, ensure national security and defense, and intensify exchanges in various fields for mutual development. 
In terms of building the Party and political system, Hanoi and Ha Tinh will enhance exchanges among Party organizations, Fatherland Front, socio-political organizations of the two localities on the Party and political system building, especially in realizing directives, resolutions and new documents of the Central Committee.
In terms of socio-economic development and  ensuring national security and defense, both sides will instruct departments, sectors and relevant units to share their experiences in state management and policy mechanism in fields that Hanoi has strength, such as construction planning, urban management, smart city, science and technology, information technology, e-government, administrative and improvement of business and investment environment. 
Regarding investment promotion and attraction, Hanoi and Ha Tinh will request specialized agencies to mobilize available resources for development while strengthening cooperation in investment promotion. 
Ha Tinh will create optimal conditions for Hanoi’s enterprises to carry out projects in the locality. Meanwhile, Hanoi will support Ha Tinh in organizing in investment promotion activities in the city, and advertising the province’s potentials and advantages in fields of support industry, new energy and renewable energy, marine economy, logistics, eco-cultural tourism.
In terms of agriculture, the two localities will share experiences in developing farm production, building new style rural areas, improving farmer’s living standards, working out the national targets on building new style rural areas.  Hanoi side will call on reputable businesses, supermarkets and distributors to enhance connectivity and farm produce consumption; establish agricultural value chains for key farm produce in Ha Tinh. 
In terms of industry and trade, Ha Tinh will provide full information and create favorable conditions for Hanoi’s investors to increase their investment in industrial parks and clusters; disseminate mechanisms, policies and investment portfolio; strengthen connection, and attract more investments in infrastructure development. 
In terms of culture, sports and tourism, the two localities will join the work to promote the images of each side to domestic and foreign visitors; create optimal conditions for travel businesses to take advantages and potentials for tourism development. 
In terms of health and education, units under the Hanoi Department of Health will continue paying special attention and supporting hospitals in Ha Tinh in developing new technical services to meet the province’s demand as well as exchanging experiences in managing the quality of hospitals. 
The city’s health sector will give assistance in screening and early detection of several diseases, such as cardiovascular, diabetes, cancer for people in Ha Tinh; providing health checkups and treatment for the poor and those in specially difficult circumstances, and policy beneficiaries; equipping with medical equipment in the province’s medical facilities to improve the quality of initial medical examination and treatment for locals. 
In terms of social welfare, Hanoi will keep jointly mobilizing available resources to fulfill programs on sustainable poverty reduction and social welfare in Ha Tinh while calling on organizations, individuals to support policy beneficiaries, those in difficult circumstances and victim of natural disasters.

By Tran Huong

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