Major missions and solutions in “All people protect national security in new situation” movement (08:38 05/06/2019)

HNP - The Hanoi Party Committee on May 30 issued Plan No. 143-KH/TU on working out Conclusion No. 44-KL/TW dated January 22, 2019 on continuing to realize Directive 09-CT/TW dated December 1, 2011 of the Party Central Committee’s Secretariat on enhancing the Party’s  leadership for the “All people protect national security in new situation” movement. 

The plan underlined the need to renew, strengthen the leadership and direction; increase the pioneering and exemplary role of Party organizations and members in building the “All people protect national security” movement. 
Thus, Party Committees from the city level to grassroots will directly and comprehensively guide the building of the movement; elaborate concrete programs, plans and actions to carry out the movements in localities and units; urge and inspect the implementation and give periodic reports on outcomes, and deal with difficulties and problems during the execution. 
It is necessary to consolidate strong Party organizations, authorities and mass collectives to fulfill missions of ensuring security and order; promote the leadership role of Party organizations and members in the political system for prevention and control of crimes.
Heads of all-level Party Committees and authorities will be responsible for guiding the implementation of the movement in localities and units. Meanwhile, each official and Party member will actively encourage families as well as local people to take part in the movement.
Furthermore, all-level Party Committees will improve the quality and contents in Party meetings associated with reviewing duty performance and building the “All people protect national security” movement. Every year, all-level Party Committees and heads give guideline on reviewing the movement execution while enhancing inspection and supervision of the implementation at grassroots. 
According to the plan, several solutions will be taken, such as strengthening the communication on carrying out Conclusion No. 44-KL/TW and Directive 09-CT/TW of the Party Central Committee’s Secretariat on increasing responsibility of officials, Party members and people for the building of the movement; renewing contents and methods of mass movements to attract  people to participate in preventing crimes so as to ensure security and order in new situation; improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the state management on security and order; tightening the cooperation between police and military forces, Fatherland Front and sectors, collectives to mobilize the synergy of the unity bloc in protecting security and order; maintaining, consolidating and expanding models in the “All people protect national security” movement.
Among tasks stated in the plan include building strong police force; consolidating and improving the capacity of communal police, security personnel and mass organizations in charge of protecting security and order at grassroots; strengthening scientific research and application of advanced science and technology in developing the movement; working out mechanisms and policies for the movement building; among others. 

By Tran Huong



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