Party General Secretary, President Nguyen Phu Trong meets US President Donald Trump (09:55 01/03/2019)

HNP - Party General Secretary, President Nguyen Phu Trong held talk with US President Donald Trump on February 27th as part of his visit to Viet Nam for the second DPRK-USA Ha Noi Summit.

At the meeting, Party General Secretary, President Nguyen Phu Trong welcomed US President Donald Trump and his entourage visiting Viet Nam, and lauded the US and the DPRK’s choice of Viet Nam as the venue for their second summit.

The Party leader affirmed that Viet Nam always implements consistently the foreign policy line of independence, self-reliance, multi-lateralization and diversification of foreign relations and integration into the world on the principle of respecting one another’s independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and political regimes.

He also affirmed the country’s consistent viewpoint of attaching importance to the comprehensive partnership with the US.

Party General Secretary, President Nguyen Phu Trong expressed his delight at positive changes in the Viet Nam-US relations over the past time, contributing to bringing practical benefits to the countries’ people.

He also applauded the cooperation in fields of economy -trade, education, settlement of war consequences, notably deployment of a project on environmental remediation of dioxin contamination in Bien Hoa Airport and other dioxin-contaminated areas, and noting that the two countries continue promoting the cooperation in other fields, such as demining, supporting Agent Orange victims.

For his part, President Donald Trump expressed his delight at meeting Party General Secretary, President Nguyen Phu Trong, and said that he was impressed by the hospitability of local residents, and the strong development of Viet Nam.

He thanked Viet Nam for its thorough preparations for the second DPRK - USA Ha Noi Summit despite a short period of time.

The US will continue cooperating with Viet Nam, and promoting the comprehensive relations more practically and effectively in the coming time, he stressed.

The two leaders agreed that the two countries need to maintain high-level meetings and delegation exchanges, and consolidate existing dialogue mechanisms. They voiced their support for further cooperation in settling war consequences, including removing dioxin contamination at Bien Hoa Airport.

They also agreed to foster the cooperation in economy – trade and investment for mutually beneficial partnerships.

At the meeting, the two leaders exchanged their views on regional and international issues of shared concern, including the situation of the East Sea.

Party General Secretary, President Nguyen Phuc Trong affirmed that Viet Nam supports the dialogue process towards the goal of denuclearization and long-term peace in the Korean Peninsula.

President Donal Trump lauded Viet Nam’s initiative and goodwill in hosting the second DPRK – USA summit, and affirmed that the US will continue playing its positive role in the Indo-Pacific region to maintain a rules-based order and promote peace, stability, co-operation and development in this important region.

On the occasion, he invited the Party General Secretary, President of Viet Nam to pay an official visit to the US this year so as to continue discussing measures to intensify the comprehensive partnership between the two countries.

After the talks, the two leaders witnessed the signing of several important economic co-operation documents with the total amount of more than US $21 billion.

By Tran Huong



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