Ha Noi: Saving time for tax procedures (13:27 01/09/2014)

HNP - According to Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, tax authorities are required to cut down time for tax procedures to 300 hours per year and set up online tax declarations for up to 95% of enterprises by the end of 2014. To realize these targets, Ha Noi Tax Department has implemented various measures to intensify administrative procedures reform and improve tax management.

Strengthening online tax declaration

According to PM’s instruction, it is essential for General Department of Tax to intensify reform of taxation administrative procedures and cut down time required of businesses to complete tax payment procedures to 300 hours per year by the end of 2014 and to the average of the ASEAN-6 group (171 hours per year) in 2015. By the end of 2014, it is expected that 95% enterprises will fulfill their tax declarations online. This is considered the key target for all tax authorities to create transparent business environment and favorable conditions for tax payers.

In recent years, Ha Noi Tax Department has strived to improve tax management with information technology applications and measures to save time for tax procedures, especially implementing online tax declaration. Furthermore, the authority has improved information work for tax payers to raise their awareness of online tax declaration. It does not only save cost and time for tax payers and send their information fast and accurately, but also help tax authorities avoid being overloaded  at due dates for tax declaration.

Saving time for tax payment

Ha Noi Tax Department in cooperation with banks have implemented online tax payment, which contributes to simplifying tax procedures and helps tax payers find their vouchers easily on systems of General Department of Tax and the banks. From the end of 2011 until now, total amount of around VND 140.5 billion was paid online. 

Besides, Ha Noi Tax Department continues their efforts to modernize state budget collection thanks to cooperation of tax, treasury, customs and finance authorities, along with developing tax collection authorization through commercial banks. So far, the project of modernizing state budget collection and connected system for data exchange has been deployed by the tax authority, city’s state treasury and 30 districts and towns.  
From 2007, Ha Noi Tax Department has gradually built a concentrated database of land, built software for efficient tax management and digitized cadastral records, aiming to improve tax management and prevent state budget loss. The tax authority expects to connect land database with natural resources and environment authority and provide tax declaration online for land procedures in 2015. Once completed, the procedures will be carried out faster and more easily, hence save money and time in this field.

By Mai Phuong

Source: HNM

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