Hanoi to hold event honoring Ao dai Vietnam (22:41 07/04/2021)

HNP - Thang Long Institute for Cultural Research (TICR) and Tinh hoa Dat Viet Magazine joinly held a press conference announcing the “Our Ao dai” event on April 6 at the Temple of Literature in Hanoi. 

The “Our Ao dai” event is to celebrate Vietnam’s major milestones, including the 46th anniversary of Vietnam’s unification day, and the upcoming election of deputies for 15th National Assembly and all-level People’s Councils. 
Moreover, it is the event to honor the beauty of Ao dai, Vietnam’s traditional dress of the Vietnamese women. 
Over 15 designers are set to take part in the event, including famous ones such as Minh Hanh, Ngoc Han, Lan Huong, Chu La, and Trinh Bich Thuy, while over 600 Ao dai would be introduced at the Temple of Literature through  400 models, including ladies of eight Ambassadors to Vietnam from Italy, India and Laos, among others. 
According to the organizer, the event would not only promote Vietnam’s unique cultural beauty, but also the cultural exchange between countries. Among 15 sets of Ao dai at the event, 14 are inspired from culture of Asian and European countries. 
Visitors would also have the opportunity to see the characteristics of traditional dresses from Thailand, India, South Korea, Russia or Greece in Ao dai presented at the event. 
Head of the TICR Nguyen Viet Chuc said Ao dai is one of Vietnam’s most famous cultural heritage that is associated with the beauty of Vietnamese women. 
Many cultural researchers have proposed Ao dai to become one of the national intangible cultural heritages, and eventually suggesting UNESCO to acknowledge Ao dai as     Cultural Heritage of the Humanity.
The “Our Ao dai” event is set to take place on April 9 at the Temple of Literature. 

By Ngoc Lam

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