Hanoi stops travel activities to cities hit by Covid-19 (21:34 29/07/2020)

HNP - Hanoi’s Department of Tourism issued document No.597/SDL-QL-CSLT on July 28, instructing services companies in Hanoi to strictly comply with anti-Covid-19 measures. 

The municipal Department of Tourism requested all tourism companies in Hanoi to adopt preventive measures for customers and employees, including using hand sanitizers, wearing face masks, and sterilizing surrounding areas, among others. 
Organizers of tourism  attractions are tasked with cooperating with tourism companies in preventing large gatherings in one place; monitoring health of tourists; timely identifying any suspected case of Covid-19 infection for timely treatment and isolation. 
Meanwhile, the Department requested all tourism companies to stop offering tours to provinces/cities affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. 
All travel companies and accommodation facilities, are requested to report information of tourists coming in or out of Covid-19 hit areas from July 8 to present; listing employees and staffs having contact with tourists for timely treatment. 

By Ngoc Lam



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