Improving efficiency of drug prevention and control (20:39 10/07/2020)

HNP - The Party Central Committee (PCC)’s Secretariat held a nationwide video conference on July 9 to review the ten-year implementation of the Politburo’s Directive No. 21-CT/TW dated March 26, 2008 on “Continue to strengthen leadership and direction over drug prevention and control in new situation”, and roll out Directive No. 36-CT/TW dated August 17, 2019 on enhancing the effectiveness of drug prevention and control work.

Delegates at the event.

The event saw the attendance of Politburo member, Standing member of the PCC's Secretariat Tran Quoc Vuong; Politburo member, Minister of Public Security, General To Lam; Secretary of the PCC, Head of the PCC’s Commission for Internal Affairs Phan Dinh Trac; PCC member, Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the National Committee for AIDS, Drugs and Prostitution Prevention and Control Vu Duc Dam. 
From Hanoi, representatives of the Vietnam Fatherland Front’s municipal chapter, the Police, Department of Labor, Ward Invalids and Social Affairs, Department of Health, and some relevant agencies were also in attendance. 
At the conference, Lieutenant General Le Quy Vuong, Deputy Minister of Public Security, presented an overview report on ten-year implementation of Directive No. 21-CT/TW of the Politburo.
According to him, over the past ten years, all-level Party Committees, authorities, Fatherland Front Committees and social - political organizations have strictly realized the directive while raising the awareness of cadres and Party members about drug prevention and combat.
Due attention has been paid to prevention and combat of drug crimes. For ten years (2008 - 2018), functional forces uncovered 200,428 drug-related cases, arrested 302,045 offenders, and seized 7,685 kg of heroin, 850 kg of opium and 3,131kg of synthetic drug along with other valuable assets. 
During the 2008-2018 period, a total 209,3155 drug addicts had undergone rehabilitation in drug detoxification centers and in the community. 
Besides, the system of legal documents on drug prevention and control has been perfected; and international cooperation in fighting drug crimes has also been enhanced over the past time.
Delegates of Hanoi attend the conference.
At the meeting, Deputy PM Vu Duc Dam disseminated Directive No. 36-CT/TW of the Politburo on enhancing and improving the efficiency of drug prevention and control, and the Government’s action plan. 
Accordingly, the Government maps out nine missions and measures for the realization of Directive No. 36-CT/TW. In particular, priority will be given to drug prevention and combat. The Government will also continue regarding prevention as a strategic solution, and improving the quality of investigation, prosecution, and adjudication of drug-related crimes.
Concluding the meeting, Standing member of the PCC's Secretariat Tran Quoc Vuong praised the efforts of ministries and localities as well as the support of the people for the fight against crimes and drug evils. 
In a bid to effectively implement Directive No. 36-CT/TW, Vuong asked all-level Party organizations and authorities to be well aware of their role and responsibilities in the fight battle against illegal drugs. 
He urged the task force to cooperate with relevant parties to effectively prevent and combat drug-related crimes, promote the role of social and political organization and boost international cooperation in the fight.
Vuong also requested ministries and localities to immediately elaborate a plan on realizing the Politburo’s directives.

By Tran Huong

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