Hanoi Federation of Labor meets outstanding physicians (22:29 26/02/2020)

HNP - Hanoi Federation of Labor held a meeting with outstanding doctors in the city on February 25 on the occasion of 65th anniversary of Vietnamese Health workers’ Day (February 27, 1955 - February 27, 2020). 

At the meeting.

At the meeting, Dang Thi Phuong Hoa, Vice Chairwoman of Hanoi Federation of Labor said over the past few years, health treatment for local people in Hanoi has been improved, along with efficient strategy in population control and healthcare. 
The health sector in Hanoi has provided consistent measures in preventing and controlling diseases; enhancing monitoring process and ensuring food safety, preventing large scale food poisoning from happening; expanding cooperation in healthcare with other countries, cities and provinces; pushing forward with administrative reform and revising health treatment procedures for greater satisfaction of patients, upgrading health infrastructures to better meet the demands of the society. 
Every year, Hanoi Federation of Labor cooperates with the municipal Health Department to monitor the compliance of laws and regulations in labor safety among enterprises operating in Hanoi; promoting improvements in working conditions and health treatment for workers. 
Since early 2020, the health sector in Hanoi has stepped up efforts in preventing the spread of Covid-19 epidemic among the local, while realizing a number of solutions to fulfill the objectives of the sector for 2020. 
Hoa requested each doctor and medical staff to set an example in fulfilling their responsibilities to contain any disease and contribute actively towards the fulfillment of Hanoi’s socio-economic targets in 2020. 
At the meeting, the Federation awarded 100 presents to 100 outstanding doctors. 

By Ngoc Lam

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