Hanoi to open 17 new bus routes in 2020 (21:52 12/02/2020)

HNP - Vice General Director of Hanoi Transportation Corporation (Transerco) Nguyen Cong Nhat confirmed the news at a meeting on February 11.

Reviewing  the operation of public transportation services during the Lunar New Year holiday, Nhat said from January 14 - 29, 2020, the public services transported 1.73 millions of passengers. 
As of January 29, bus stations under the management of Transerco handled 36,077 cars and 427,602 passengers. 
Nhat said the public transport  during the national holiday ensured traffic safety and met the public demand for transportation. 
In 2020, Transerco set higher targets for all aspects, including greater revenues and ensuring high level of income and job stability for employees, expanding new businesses and services; realizing the company’s key roles in public transportation services via busses, among others, according to Nhat, who also said  Transerco would mobilize all resources to improve its business performance, enhance corporate governance and streamline the organization. 
Notably, Nhat informed Transerco opened four additional bus routes in 2019; opening high quality bus services No.68; upgrading 121 transportation vehicles with Euro4 standards and basically replacing buses of over 10 years of operation, meeting higher demands from customers. 
To expand its business operation in 2020 and under the instruction of Hanoi’s Department of Transportation, Transerco would open an addition of 17 new bus routes to better meet the demand for public transportation services of people, Nhat stressed. 

By Ngoc Lam



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