Traffic accidents in Hanoi during Lunar New Year holiday decline (21:52 12/02/2020)

HNP - Vice Director of Hanoi’s Department of Transportation Vu Ha briefed the result of the city’s efforts in ensuring public order and traffic safety during the Lunar New Year holiday in the capital on February 11. 

According to Ha, during the preparation for the Lunar New Year holiday, the Department stepped up efforts in maintaining and repairing damaged spots of transport infrastructures, including bridges and road; replacing old traffic signals and traffic lines; maintaining bridges crossing Red river, as well as those in the provincial and national highways; enhancing the monitoring process at 17 intersections   with railways to ensure public order and traffic safety. 
During the holiday, related agencies has timely dealt with emergencies related to road transportation and traffic lights. 
In parallel with maintaining works of road transportation, the Department reorganized traffic operation in construction areas of major transport projects, such as the subway station under the railway project Nhon - Hanoi station; the road belt No.3 expansion; the road belt No.2 section Nga Tu So - Nga Tu Vong, Vinh Tuy bridge - Mai Dong; the Formula One race project; decoration works in Hanoi, among others. 
The Department also instructed Traffic Inspectorate to tackle traffic congestion at 70 major spots during rush hours in Hanoi; checking passenger buses showing signs of violating regulations and laws. 
Notably, the Department instructed transport businesses to provide services for locals during Tet holidays, forbidding cases of hiking transport fares in peak seasons compared to normal prices. 
As a result, traffic safety had been ensured during the period from January 23 - 28, 2020, when over 85,793 passengers were served. 
Ha added thanks to the effectiveness of Decree 100 on administrative sanctions for road traffic and rail transport violations, traffic accidents in the capital declined on three criteria. 
Specifically, from January 23 to 29, there were five cases of accidents in Hanoi that resulted in five fatalities and one injured, down 2 cases, 3 fatalities and one injured year on year. 
To ensure traffic safety after the Lunar New Year holiday, the Department would continue to step up efforts in traffic management with the supports of related agencies. 

By Ngoc Lam



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