Local authority strives to avoid low quality face masks circulating in market (09:35 06/02/2020)

HNP - A working group from the Government Office and the National Steering Committee against Smuggling, Trade Fraud and Counterfeiting Goods, aka Committee 389, had a meeting with Hanoi Steering Committee 389 on February 4, regarding prevention works against the outbreak of the new coronavirus (nCoV) in the city. 

At the working session.

According to a report from Hanoi’s market surveillance authority, right after the nCoV outbreak, the municipal Committee 389 has instructed related agencies in supervising the import of wildlife products from stricken-areas into the city, as well as fisheries and animals with dubious  origin. 
The authority also stepped up efforts in supervising businesses and restaurants selling prohibited wildlife. 
Additionally, the market surveillance authority has worked with drug stores and businesses selling medical equipment, requesting them to quote prices of products and commit to selling face masks and hand sanitizers at fair prices. 
On February 3, Hanoi’s market surveillance authority supervised drugstores in Hanoi and fined 86 cases of not quoting prices of medical equipment. 
On February 1, the municipal Department of Finance in cooperation with Hanoi’s Taxation Department and the city’s police checked on the prices of medical face masks and hand sanitizers at four businesses  in Hanoi, requesting them to commit to selling products at posted prices. 
The municipal Department of Health established 65 team specialized in checking on the selling of medical equipment in the city, which has now inspected 256 drug stores and fined 1 case. 
At the meeting, Chief of the Office of Committee 389 Dam Thanh The requested related agencies to tighten control of non-official trade routes to China, while stepping up efforts against the smuggled, faked and low quality medical equipment. 
Thanh The expected the authority to strictly control the flow of goods right at the border to prevent the sale of low quality face masks with unclear origin. 
Right after the meeting, the working group visited the drug market Hapulico to check on the supply of face masks and other medical equipment. A quick survey showed the majority of stores in Hapulico have stopped selling  face masks and hand sanitizers.
Representative of Thu An Pharmacy and Medical Equipment company said a surge in demand for medical face masks and hand sanitizers led to the short supply of these products. However, the issue would be resolved in coming days with a large supply of face masks to the market. 

By Ngoc Lam



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