Hanoi opens 7th municipal Youth Union meeting (09:52 17/10/2019)

HNP - The 7th meeting of Hanoi’s Youth Union for the 2019 - 2024 term opened on October 15, and will run until October 16 with the participation of 400 youth members.

At the meeting.

In the first day of the meeting, members were divided into three groups to discuss three main topics, including solutions to maintain efficient operations of youth clubs in local communities, the ways for startup, and recommendations to make voluntary activities more attractive for young people. 
The 7th meeting of Hanoi’s Youth Union for the 2019 - 2024 term is a major political event of Hanoi, aiming to evaluate the result of the resolution from the previous meeting; drafting new objectives, vision and solutions to revise operation of the youth union and the movement of Hanoi’s youth in the 2019 - 2024 period.
Delegates attend the meeting.
Before the ceremony, a festival on youth creativity was organized by Hanoi Youth Union, displaying new technological products with high practicality. The event served as a bridge for investors accessing world’s modern technologies, as well as opportunities for the youth to be updated about current technological advancement. 
The highlight of the event is the Formula One race car and other creative products. The Formula One race car is the first electronic vehicle of its kind in Vietnam and made by Lectron, a startup specialized in developing electronic vehicles with support from angel investors in Vietnam. 
Visitors also had an opportunity to look at Dji Agras MG-1P, a pesticide-spraying drone capable of taking along 10 kilograms of pesticide in an area of 10 hectares for a single battery charge. The drone help spray pesticide 40 - 60 times faster than traditional ways. 
Another highlight of the event is Speech-to-Tex Core product: a software of turning speech into text and made by Vietnam AI System. It is designed to recognize Vietnamese language with accuracy of over 95% and at a distance of over 5 meters. Another drone at the event was Dji Matrice 200, supporting rescue efforts and industrial works. 
A 3D printer with high practicality and high quality speaker made by Vietnam Notes Audio, among others were notable products displayed at the event. 

By Ngoc Lam



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