Hanoi discusses importance of transferring agricultural technologies (22:10 14/10/2019)

HNP - Hanoi’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development held a conference discussing the importance of transferring agricultural technologies and technological advancement on October 12.

At the conference.

Over the past few years, the Vietnamese government in general and Hanoi’s authority in particular have stepped up effort in applying modern technologies in agricultural production. 
In addition to the Law on High Technologies in 2008, Hanoi has issued 14 legal documents providing mechanism and policies supporting the application of technological advancement and forming linkage in agricultural production. 
The move is aimed to transform the economic structure of the agricultural sector, in turn increasing the contribution of animal husbandry, and services in the GRDP; promoting the production of high quality and safe agricultural products on the basis of applying modern technologies into the process; focusing on building production models under high technologies towards greater saving in costs and human resources. 
As of present, Hanoi has created 133 agricultural models using high technologies, including the Hoa Vien farm in Thach That district, orchid flower farm in Dan Phuong district, Kinoko Thanh Cao mushroom in My Duc district, among others. Such models, in spite of their modest scale, have brought a 25% increase in economic efficiency compared to traditional methods. 
Moreover, Hanoi’s agricultural sector also sets up and maintains 135 chains linking safe agricultural products from production to distribution. These chains attracted the participation of numerous enterprises, cooperatives, and farmers. 
To date, there have been over 40 brands for agricultural products registered for protection, such as Ba Vi chicken, Van Dinh duck, Boi Khe rice, Dai Thanh longan, among others. 
According to the municipal Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the application of high technologies in agricultural production in Hanoi remained modest in scale, particularly in the storing and processing ; lack of efficiency in forming linkage in production and distribution. Moreover, the works of market research and distribution of products are still facing difficulties. 
At the conference, representatives of departments, provinces, farmers and cooperatives shared experience in production and business models with high efficiency, while pointing out shortcomings and solutions to promote linkage and application of high technologies in production. 
The event also offers opportunities for enterprises, cooperatives, suppliers and producers looking for suitable partners, promoting trade and transferring agricultural technologies to  each other. 
As part of the work, the municipal Department of Agriculture and Rural Development witnessed a signing ceremony of memorandum of understandings among enterprises, individuals, organizations, cooperatives and distributors in investment cooperation for fostering agricultural production; experimenting and applying new technologies in production; promoting new products and forming new linkages. 

By Ngoc Lam

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