Hanoi reviews linkage between private drugstores and drug suppliers (09:07 11/10/2019)

HNP - As of September 30, total number of drug suppliers forming linkage with private drugstores reached 5,999 out of the total of 6,910, or 86.8% of the total. 

Upon breaking down, the number of drug retailers completing the linkage was 5,664 out of 5,781 or 98%, including 3,504 out of 3,504 of drugstores, or 100%; and 2,160 out of 2,277 dispensaries or 94.4%. 
From the beginning of the year, the municipal Department of Health has stepped up efforts in promoting activities, in which requesting drug suppliers and manufacturers to form linkage and sell prescribed drugs only; frequently providing information and instruction supporting the linkage between drug suppliers and drugstores to media agencies of state-level and  city-level, such as the governmental portal, Hanoi’s portal, Ha Noi Moi Newspaper, An Ninh Thu Do Newspaper, Phap Luat & Xa Hoi Newspaper, VTV online newspaper, The Thao & Van Hoa Newspaper, among  others; communicating on social media platforms  on the benefit of forming linkage between software managing drug suppliers, drug prescription and selling prescribed drugs; updating information frequently on the website of related agencies. 
Additionally, people’s committees at district and commune levels havecommunicated on the request of forming linkage between drug facilities and only selling prescribed  drugs to private drugstores, and dispensaries in their areas of jurisdiction; setting up on the information system of the health sectors and providing instructions and guidance on the benefit of forming linkage between drug suppliers and retailers. 
Notably, the municipal Health Department and people’s committees at district and commune levels have organized 126 training classes regarding regulations of selling prescribed  drugs and forming linkage for 6,148 drug-related facilities or 89% of the total, including 1,198 wholesalers of drug, drugstores/dispensaries in public health facilities or 77% of the total; 4,950 private drugstores/dispensaries or 92% of the total. 
Hanoi’s authority has supervised and monitored the application of IT in connecting drug facilities in 15 districts and communes; Hapharco and Hataphar, two privatized pharmaceutical  companies and  10 hospitals. 
During the supervision process, there has been certain number of drug facilities not proceeding with the linkage and updating information regularly detected. 
Nevertheless, with strong effort from local agencies, the linkage between drug facilities has been established among drugstores and  94.9% of dispensaries. Some districts have not set up 100% linkage among private drugstores, including Thanh Oai (35 out of 53 or 66%), Quoc Oai (55/73 or 75.3%), Soc Son (231/279 or 82.8%), Thanh Tri (256/280 or 91.4%), Me Linh (146/152 or 96.1%), Ba Vi (64/67 or 95.5%). 
As a result, in the remaining three months of 2019, the municipal Health Department is scheduled to continue promoting and training drug-related facilities towards greater efficiency in applying IT and using software, as well as having better understanding  related to the linkage process; improving the supervision to ensure the sale of prescribed drugs at health treatment facilities; and the sale of prescribed  drugs at drug retailers, while strictly punishing those violate the laws. 
The health department is tasked with frequently checking information regarding the linkage among private drugstores in Hanoi, aiming to complete the process at the soonest time possible. 

By Ngoc Lam

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