Deputy Secretary of Hanoi Party Committee visits heroic infantry regiment (16:38 10/10/2019)

HNP - Deputy Secretary of Hanoi Party Committee Dao Duc Toan visited the 102 infantry regiment (308th infantry division) on October 8 on the occasion of 65th anniversary of Hanoi’s liberation day (October 10, 1954 - October 10, 2019).

Deputy Secretary of Hanoi Party Committee Dao Duc Toan congratulates staffs and soldiers of the 102 infantry regiment.

The 308th infantry division was the main military unit defending Hanoi in a 60-day battle known as “battle of Hanoi” against the French army in 1946. 
Colonel Bui Van Trung, political commissar of 102 infantry regiment, said the regiment, which was established in January 6, 1947, was one of the first regiment of the People’s Army of Vietnam. On January 12, 1947, the national military conference decided to award the regiment title “Capital regiment”.
Right after the establishment, 102 infantry regiment had fiercely fought off the French army in 60 days to protect Hanoi and created the momentum for the whole country to prepare for the war. This was the opening of a long and hard-fought war against the French of the Vietnamese people. 
On the new year’s eve of 1947, the regiment received commendation letter from Uncle Ho. Until 1949, the regiment was honored to be part of the 308th infantry division. Additionally, in the war against the French, the regiment participated in 13 military campaign, and three other campaigns in the war against the US. 
On behalf of leaders of Hanoi, Deputy Secretary of Hanoi Party Committee Dao Duc Toan highly regarded the sacrifice and devotion of generations of soldiers and staffs in the People’s Army of Vietnam in general, the 308th infantry division and 102 infantry regiment in particular, in the quest for independence and freedom of Vietnam in the past and current responsibility of protecting the country of today. 
Toan stressed the 102 infantry regiment has excelled in its tasks of protecting the country and the capital in any circumstance; actively involving in any rescue effort. 
Toan expected each staff and soldier of the 102 infantry regiment to continue promoting the tradition of heroic “capital” regiment, making the regiment a strong military unit capable of fulfilling any tasks and are worthy of the love of people. 
Representative of 102 infantry regiment expressed gratitude to the attentionof Hanoi’s leader, saying over the course of 70 years, the 102 infantry regiment in particular and the 308th infantry division has always received strong supports from Hanoi’s authority and the people, saying this is a major motivation for each staff and soldier of the regiment to overcome any difficulty and fulfill their tasks.

By Ngoc Lam

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