Hanoi holds skilled workers competition 2019 (07:12 07/10/2019)

HNP - Hanoi People’s Committee in collaboration with Hanoi Federation of Labor held the competition of skilled workers in Hanoi in 2019 on October 4. 

The competition is part of a series of events celebrating 65th anniversary of Hanoi’s liberation day (October 10, 1954 - October 10, 2019). 
The competition is scheduled to take place in three days from October 3 - 5, comprising various skill tasks and 250 participants from 76 enterprises, in which workers from FDI companies accounted for 24% of the total. 
Participants have to compete in two tasks, including the theory and practical tests. In the theoretical test, participants have to answer multiple choice questions in 60 minutes regarding basic and professional knowledge. 
Meanwhile, the practical test is designed to last in 90 minutes. 
Speaking at the competition, Vice Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee Nguyen Van Quy said over the last few years, local authorities have been promoting competitions among workers with objectives of “Productivity, Quality, Efficiency, and Improving living standards of workers”. Competitions such as “Skilled workers”, “Creative workers”; striving to become “skilled workers of Hanoi”, “Initiatives and creativity for Hanoi”, particularly competition of “Learning theory, practicing skill, striving to become skilled labor” held by Hanoi Federation of Labor, which are one of the most well-known competition among workers and labors in Hanoi, have drawn massive participation of laborers. 
Vice Chairman of the Hanoi People's Committee Ngo Van Quy speaks at the event.
Quy added the competition of skilled workers in Hanoi in 2019 presents opportunities for workers to learn and exchange experiences from each other during the working process, contributing to creating  a community of skill workers with professionalism and honesty. 
These workers would be able to meet requirements from new technologies and modern equipment, making a leap in productivity and product quality during production process, Quy said. 
In order for the patriotic emulation  campaigns in general and competition of “Learning theory, practicing skill, striving to become skilled labor” to be effective, Quy suggested local authorities of various levels to form better cooperation. 
Quy requested them to fully comply with instruction No.34 of the Politburo on “Continual improvements of commendation activities”, aiming towards greater productivity and higher competitiveness  of enterprises for better living standards of the people. 
After the inaugural  ceremony, participants proceeded with theoretical exams. In the afternoon of the same day and on October 5, participants would continue to take part in practical exams. 
The wrap up ceremony and prize awards will take place on October 5 with one first prize, one second prize, two third prizes and three consolation prizes.

By Ngoc Lam

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