Hanoi: Positive changes in training highly skilled workers (10:09 14/08/2019)

HNP - After five years of implementing Directive No. 37-CT/TW dated June 6, 2014 of the Party Central Committee’s Secretariat (tenure 11) on strengthening the Party’s leadership in training highly skilled workers, Hanoi has gained remarkable achievements.

Improving the quality

Since issuance of Directive No. 37-CT/TW, the Hanoi Party has issued Action Program No. 28-CTr/TU dated September 10, 2014 on concrete goals for universities and colleges, especially vocation training schools in the city to 2020, and offered six major solutions for effective implementation.

The Municipal People’s Committee has also released plans on carrying out the directive defining concrete tasks and measures.

In realizing the city’s guiding documents, all levels, sectors, agencies, units and businesses have clarified their key missions so as to make positive changes in training highly skilled workers.

As of December 31, 2018, Hanoi recorded 369 vocational training establishments, including 21 public vocational training schools.

For the 2014-2018 period, a total of 891,153 people were provided vocational training. The number of trained laborers increased from 148,992 in 2014 to 212,789 in 2018.

The quality of vocational training courses has met labor market demands.  Over 70% of trained people get their jobs.

Besides, Hanoi has paid special attention to enlarging the contingent of managers and teachers in vocation training facilities. For the 2015-2018 period, the city provided specialized knowledge and skills to 351 teachers. So far, a total of 8,108 teachers have been working in vocation training facilities, up 67.65% compared to 2014.

Innovations to create breakthroughs in vocational training

Promoting the achievements, in the time to come, Hanoi will continue attaching importance to vocational training to meet the requirement of developing and improving the Capital’s human resources.

Along with strengthening the leadership of Party organizations and authorities as well as the coordination among ministries, sectors, Fatherland Front, social and political organization, the city will create the best conditions for the training of highly skilled workers.

Notably, the city will invest in four public vocational training establishments, including Hanoi Vocational College of High Technology, Hanoi Industrial Vocational College, Vietnam-Korea Vocational Training College and Hanoi College of Art.

Besides, Hanoi will enhance the career guidance task; elaborate a vocational training plan; improve the state management; develop officials and teachers in charge of training skilled workforce according to vocational programs of advanced countries in the region and the world.

Also, Hanoi will focus on enhancing the involvement of private resources in vocational training and education; tightening the collaboration between vocational training colleges and businesses; calling on enterprises to join vocational training and create favorable conditions for them to establish vocational education facilities for key industries; among others.

By Tran Huong

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