More measures to reduce plastic contamination (22:04 13/08/2019)

HNP – The Hanoi Department of Health on August 8 issued Official Document No. 3330/SYT-NVY  asking its subordinate units and district/township medical centers to take more measures to reduce environmental pollution caused by plastic waste.

In response to the “Anti-plastic waste” campaign launched by the Hanoi People’s Committee, Plan No. 3207/KH-SYT-CDN dated August 1, 2019 of the Department of Health on launching the “Anti-plastic waste” movement in the health sector, the Department of Health asked units to take action against plastic waste.

Particularly, each unit will strengthen the communication among civil servants and laborers on abstaining from the use of nylon bags and single-use plastic ware while complying with the collection, classification and treatment of waste, especially plastic trash as regulated.

Furthermore, the Department of Health underlined the need to enhance inspection and supervision work in units; honor outstanding organizations and individuals making great contributions to the “Anti-plastic waste”.

By Tran Huong

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