Socio-cultural highlights in H1 (22:07 19/07/2019)

HNP - Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc, Deputy Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee, Chairman of the Municipal People’s Council, Head of the Steering Committee for Program No. 04-CTr/TU on “Socio-cultural development, improving the quality of the Capital’s human resources, building elegant and civilized Hanoians” (the Steering Committee) on July 19 chaired a conference to assess the outcomes in the first half of 2019, and outline key missions in the remaining months of the year. 

Chairwoman of the Hanoi People’s Council Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc chairs the conference.

Ngo Van Quy, Vice Chairman of the Municipal People’s Committee, Standing Vice Head of the Steering Committee was present at the conference. 


Rolling out all assigned tasks
A report presented at the conference showed that in the first half of the year, the Steering Committee has instructed the comprehensive execution of targets, goals, project stated in Program 04-CTr/TU and Plan 165/KH-UBND of the Municipal People’s Committee as scheduled.  
The city has made positive changes in organizing and managing festivals, fulfilling the assigned tasks of hosting the 2019 North Korea–United States Hanoi Summit. A wide range of mass sport activities have been launched as planned.  Currently, Hanoi is striving to complete preparations for the Formula 1 racing in 2020.   
Over the first six months of 2019, a total of over 95,000 laborers had found jobs; more than 50,000 people received job training. Hanoi continues taking the lead nationwide in education and training with 197 international medals and 134 national prizes at competitions at different levels. 
Meanwhile, the health sector has made greater effort to care for people’s health while enhancing the fight against infectious diseases.
Reviewing targets to speed up implementation
Vice Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee Ngo Van Quy speaks at the conference.
Addressing the event, Vice Chairman of the Municipal People’s Committee, Standing Vice Head of the Steering Committee Ngo Van Quy urged the city’s entities to focus on each assigned task, review operations, identify causes and offer solutions for implementation in the time to come. 
He also underlined the need to carry out key tasks, including finishing the construction of key projects, speeding up the implementation of cultural institutions; completing the construction of clean toilets in schools; giving assistance in renovating degraded relics; building models to improve the quality of medical examination and treatment; and strengthening the implementation of the two codes of conduct, among others.  
Making conclusion at the conference, Chairwoman of the Municipal People’s Council, Head of the Steering Committee, Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc lauded the outcomes in the first half of 2019.  
Regarding key tasks in the time to come, she asked departments, sectors and units to review all targets and offer appropriate measures. 
Also, she requested the city’s entities to elaborate their plans on preparations for great events taking place in 2020.

By Tran Huong



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