97.6% of Hanoi’s students pass high school examination (08:57 19/07/2019)

HNP - The Hanoi Department of Education and Training on July 16 officially announced the results of the 2019 national high school graduation exam in Hanoi.  

Accordingly, 97.6% of the students in Hanoi (not including free candidates) sitting the 2019 national high school examination in late June of this academic year are eligible for graduation with the total of 194,050 candidates (the largest number in the country). 70 schools (accounting for one-third of the city’s total number of schools) have a graduation rate of 100%.

Hanoi has 166 tests getting scores of 10, accounting for 0.04%, including Mathematics (2), Foreign language (113), Physics (1), Chemistry (1), Biology (6), History (6), Geography (2) and Civic Education (35). More than 9,800 tests were given mark 9 or more, and 46,569 received mark 8 or higher.

The number of students registering for university and college exams with a total score of 15 or more is nearly 148,000, accounting for 76.14% of the total number of students applying for admission.

Notably, in this year’s exam, Hanoi takes the lead nationwide in the number of students getting scores of 27.0 or more in the three subjects with 297 ones.

The student with the highest score of 29.05 is Ta Duy Phuong, from Nguyen Hue High School for the Gifted. He registered for admission with three subjects: Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology.

According to the Department of Education and Training, the results reflected the quality of teaching and studying of high schools in the city, following the comprehensive and fundamental innovation orientation of education and training, promoting the capacity for learners and ensuring quality and efficiency.

By Tran Huong

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